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Feeling after examination

2022-06-23 23:34:53Photography

I finished the last two courses today , My college courses and exams are over .

In the past three years, I have had quarrels and fun with my college friends , On the whole, it's not bad to meet you .

I didn't intern with the school in the last semester of my senior year , Applied for independent internship , Looking for a job next semester 、 Graduation design, etc , The days at school are numbered , This means that the time spent with them has been numbered .

Separation is always so easy to contain , Tolerate the mistakes they have made , Tolerate each other's impulse to beat each other 10000 times , It seems that it's time to say goodbye , Everyone has become so perfect , So cute .

Adler said :“ People who live in the present don't have to think about meeting in the future , Because they will meet again ”. But separation is really a little uncomfortable .

But it can't be avoided after all .

The best way is to be with the people around you who are worth cherishing , Have a good time with him every minute . So when I say goodbye to him , There would have been none of this if he had been treated better , It would have been better to get along with each other at the beginning .

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