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It's not about money

2022-06-23 23:36:04Life journey

some app Withdrawal , It's been bothering me for a long time . Every time I help my friend , I can't control my greed , Start looking for friends to help , Expecting to realize cash withdrawal .

But the result is that there are not enough people , I had to give up . The key is to waste a lot of time on this matter , The mood also becomes bad .

At the beginning of the year, my brother cashed out 800 , He said it was too difficult , Exhausted all energy and manpower . After that, my husband and colleague also withdrew twohundred , There are also friends of friends who have made cash withdrawals of 200 .

Bright examples are in front of us , It's hard to keep my mind still . After helping my friend yesterday , I want to try my luck . My husband saw that I was worried and no one helped me , For the first time, he helped me to pull people in the group .

Occasionally, some people in the group also send red envelopes to ask everyone for help , But I didn't grab a red envelope or help , Should be jealous of the disease committed , I feel that I can't withdraw cash by myself .

It took me a long time for my husband to help me , I'm afraid nobody can help me , Afraid of being robbed of all the red envelopes, I still haven't mentioned it , I don't want to do this .

I can't stand my husband's persuasion , Have a try and see attitude , For more than an hour , The red envelopes were robbed away , There are only three people who help ! Comparable to a fatal blow !

My husband said that the person who robbed the red envelope would certainly help , Nowadays people are all particular about , Don't take advantage of others , If you don't grab a red envelope, you won't help , The rest of the red envelopes were returned the next day .

In fact? ? The lesson of beating a chicken with a flying egg is in front of us ! I don't understand why I won a red envelope and didn't help ? What are these people thinking ? Take us as a joke ? Or the spirit of bandits , What happened to Ming Pao ?!

Mental block , Comfort yourself not to get angry , Just buy thirty sausages and feed them to stray dogs ! I bought two boxes of fish feed to feed the fish in the park ! Just as ……

Money can be used as something to transfer your bad mood , But the naked and dirty human nature you see , How to face and comfort yourself ?

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