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On adding words to photographic works in the later period

2022-06-23 23:53:40Photography

When I saw you put a picture p When you write fancy words , I can't help asking “ Where is this photo to be used ?”

You shouldn't be surprised at my question , Because of your post-processing, I think you are an excellent graphic artist , that , Your work will appear on the cover of a magazine , Or an illustration in a lyric prose ……

However , You said you were not , You are just a photographer with equipment in your hand . Good. , I must tell you , I don't agree with you very much , Doodle a good picture without knowing what to say .

I have never opposed post production of photography , This is a powerful trend in the digital age , We can't resist . The early stage is artistic creation , Later , But the later period should be limited , It is a supplement or revision without destroying the early shooting emotion and original creative intention , Instead of modifying .

We usually see a lot of photography “ The master ” Add one to your work logo, This shouldn't have happened , But I still understand . Due to the rampant commercialization nowadays , It is not uncommon to plagiarize others' works for your own use , Put a label on it to avoid theft , It seems reasonable . But I want to say , I have never seen a real master add logo Of , For example, the barren wood Sutra 、 For example, SenShan Avenue …… Can we say that their works are not as valuable as yours ?

What is more , You might as well add some to the photo “ poetic charm ” 's vocabulary 、 Sentence paragraph , This is really a bit of painting a snake to make it superfluous . So I want to ask you where the photos are used , If it is used as an illustration , This is not unreasonable , Because here photos are auxiliary , Article is the main , Photos can be better integrated with the article by adding some appropriate words . When the picture appears independently , These words seem superfluous .

Photography is like writing , A good work should have a soul , People who have seen it have different feelings . Because everyone's culture 、 experience 、 Experience and values are different , The cognition of things must be different . Those famous novels , It's all because people who have seen it have different opinions 、 People will never forget what they say . Photos are the same , Whether there is a soul is the key , Don't care what others say . You can't put words in order to make others understand what you mean , Forcibly guide the audience to unify their thinking , Let the artistic conception that could have existed daydream become superficial . And most of those we have seen without dispute are “ Syrup tablet ”.

Of course , All the views I have mentioned are from the perspective of photography , From the height of art . Our country is not a country that respects art , In particular, photography talents are relatively scarce . So called art , It looks like a bright one in the photo logo, It's more about fishing for fame .

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