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Daily punch in

2022-06-24 00:06:31Photography

The long lost sun finally came out , It's wet everywhere , Moldy .

My cold is much better today , My nose is gone , My throat is no longer sore . I don't know if the cold medicine is working , It's still the reason for smoking moxibustion , In a word, it's good .

I still smoked for a while , Then get ready to bask in the sun . Put the quilt in the house , shoes , Move them all out to dry , It feels like you can get out of the water just by taking it .

A thinner quilt , Put away the thick quilt , Summer is coming . I'm just afraid of the cold , Still wearing two clothes , The temperature difference between morning and night is very big , Keeping warm is important .

Today's blood sugar is still high , Call the diabetes doctor , Say plus quantity , But eat less at night , And low blood sugar 3.9 了 , I'm really speechless .

How to balance this diet , I haven't eaten for days , Eating at random . But tomorrow we must continue to refuel .

go to bed early , Cultivate your mind !

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