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Severe Qi injury

2022-06-24 00:18:49Life journey

This Sunday will start this year's mid-term exam , On the first day, I took the geography test for grade two 、 biological , So from today on , All our other subjects are closed , Give in to these two courses .

But we still have classes according to the usual schedule , It is managed by the teacher of the class after work , Students review freely in class .

Today is Thursday , There is still a long way to go before the high school entrance examination 2、3 Days time , It is said that this time should enter the white hot stage of review , It's time to race against time , But the performance of the students in these two classes is very disappointing .

I was in the morning 5 Class watch self-study , Afternoon 4 The geography teacher of the class's self-study class used it to talk about topics . I'm studying in the evening 4 Shift duty .

5 Class students have been impetuous since they entered the second day of junior high school , The class atmosphere is also much worse . Except for Chinese, there is no obvious retrogression —— From the first to the second , The academic performance of other subjects has declined significantly , Individual disciplines have been ranked last , The total score also retreated from the first camp to the second camp .

4 The class firmly holds the bottom line of the last but one grade , And the gap with brother classes is widening .

I thought the mid-term exam was coming soon , These students have to hug Buddha's feet temporarily !

But , Their behavior let me know that my idea is too naive !

I was in the morning 5 Class watching self-study , I asked twoorthree students to come out of the hallway and say something , So some students took the opportunity to gossip and even hip-hop , The class is noisy . I'll go back to class and take care of discipline , They did better ; I quit without saying a few words , They started a new round of disciplinary violations .

When I saw that , I can't help being furious , The teacher walked in and severely criticized them , They are honest , There will be no need for me to take charge of discipline .

But that fire came down , My voice is very uncomfortable .

evening , I am here 4 Shift duty . They didn't read this evening , It's a geographical survey , Then answer the question .

The class was full of chaos before I went in , They didn't get much better after they went in .

I taught them , I found that their discipline was not much better . Although I am unhappy , But I didn't get angry .

I told them, half jokingly : Some students feel uncomfortable with the cold air of the air conditioner in the classroom , You can choose to go to the corridor and VIP The utility room can breathe freely 、 Warm and fresh air .

Students are not stupid , Of course you know what I mean . Some students laughed and became quiet , But some students still talk a little from time to time .

Wait a moment , The class still makes discordant sounds from time to time . I had to patiently teach a few words .

Although the discipline is much better than the bustle of the vegetable market at the beginning , But there is still some noise .

So I made a face to warn them : Break the discipline again , Just get out of the classroom ! I'll do what I say !

Students know that although I am not easy to be serious , But it really annoys me. I will do what I say , Speaking of achievement !

My warning played a role , The class became quiet .

I think of a list of activities to recommend , Just call out the students you want to recommend , Tell them about it , Ask for their advice .

I am here 4 The back door of the shift is followed by the door 5 When the class said something , The class was as noisy as a frying pan . I knocked hard on the window ,4 The class opened the back door , I went in and took a serious look at discipline . At this time, I was already very unhappy .

I just came out for a while ,4 Ben began to make a noise again . At this time, I also took care of things , Just let 5 Class students go back , I also entered through the front door 4 class .

I walked quickly to 4 Class platform , He shouted at them angrily , Warn them to say one more word , Get out of the classroom immediately !

“ You don't want to learn , Others want to learn ! If you don't learn, you will disturb others , I will never allow ! Who wants to talk more ! I see who will be the first to be kicked out by me !” I said in both voice and color .

See me in a rage , These guys finally quieted down .

But at this time , But I found that maybe it was because I was so angry just now , The fire broke out , Not only do I have a bad voice , And my head is dizzy .

I thought when I calmed down , It's all right. , However, this kind of state lasted for a night of self-study ! Until now, , I have a headache . alas , It really hurts me to be angry !

I also blame myself : Is it necessary for me to have such a big fire ? The high school entrance exam is coming soon , The students are not in a hurry , I'm in a hurry ? Besides, I am not their parents , Not a geography and biology teacher , Not even their head teacher . Others can see it , I'm worrying about something !

alas , Great anger hurts one's health , I asked for it !

It's not worth it , I have to change it later !

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