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Light ink

2022-06-24 00:42:56Photography

《 Light ink 》

Counting the full curtain of flowers from season to season ,

Learn a little peace from the noise .

Peace of mind is like water , Love has something to do with ,

Read and cherish , Love has a basis .

Twist the time that falls on your fingertips ,

In a corner of the world ,

Only look for the thickness of life .

Keep the beauty and fragrance of that time ,

Hold the touch and warmth of the years .

Stepping on the pale sorrow , Step on it as a souvenir ,

With joy , Holding a thin pen ,

Light ink , Lock your smile under the moon ,

In the tip of a pen dipped in thick ink ,

One paper, one sorrow , A word for a flower ,

Quietly listening to the sound of flowers blooming and falling each season ……

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