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There was a great deal of lightning outside the window

2022-06-24 00:43:01Photography

In a hurry , It's another day !

When every time I look back , We all see time running like water , Not noticing that it has flowed , When you pay more attention, it is already a flood of spring water !

The pace of time , It's like lightning outside the window , Sometimes a huge amount of energy is accumulated , And then with a bang , Startle a bay of gulls and herons ; Sometimes it's like the rain , It's like shooting a bow ; Sometimes it drizzles , The rain drops fell into the ground , Moisten everything .

All in all , Gulls and herons , A full bow is good , Nourish all things, not to mention , The wind, rain and lightning have their own feelings of midnight , It can be accompanied by street lamps , You can also keep company with those who return late !

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