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Those who work late at night

2022-06-24 00:43:05Photography

There is a small factory near my home , Many people make a living here . The road in front of the house is the only way for the workers to come back every night , The relatively irregular life doomed me to meet you every night . See you in the dead of night 、 When most people are safely asleep , Still working hard on duty , My admiration arises spontaneously .

You should be working hard , Arrive early , Even most people breathe at sunrise , At sunset , This reversal of the biological clock , It must be a challenge for you to persist all year round ; Just to make more overtime pay on the night shift than on the day shift .

You should be patient , Four seasons replacement , Midsummer and winter , What is hard to change is your consistent tooling , I have a spirit of giving up my life .

In this lazy and slow-paced city , When everyone is tired of work , Your dedication is really moving . But even with the credit , I still want to say , Although youth is short , But your responsibilities are heavy , The task is also arduous , For my family 、 For your children , In order to continue the work , Take care 、 Take care , Do what you can !

You work hard to survive , You don't need to feel inferior . Now many young people complain that work is very tired and hard , Especially in some industries, it's normal to work overtime until midnight or even all night , But people always have to work hard to make others feel effortless . There is no money in the world for nothing , There is no hard work in vain , Only if I didn't work hard enough and didn't have the courage to stick to it .

As the saying goes , How can there be so many quiet years , It's just someone who's carrying the weight for you , Life is never easy !

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