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The 80th day of early rising ~ cicada sloughing

2022-06-24 00:43:13Photography

The kindergarten will do nucleic acid screening this morning , Enter the park half an hour in advance . So in the morning 7 At half past six , I am already on my way home . In the cell at this time , There are few pedestrians , I simply strolled slowly , Look at the flowers , Look at the plants , By the way, look for those cicadas that have fallen off the tree trunk .

In recent days , In fact, I have seen cicadas slough , Just a small number , I find oneortwo everyday , But today I found more than ten , It may have rained last night , The land is wet after the rain , The soil layer is soft , Golden cicadas are easier to climb out , So they made a collective hole in the dark night after the rain . If I had taken a flashlight last night , It's estimated that we can have an extra meal this afternoon …

It was a great pleasure to catch golden cicadas when I was a child , In the evening, use a flashlight to catch those climbing trees in the woods , During the day, I used a small shovel to dig the underground beside the roots in the woods . All in all , The days before and after the summer solstice are extremely busy , One is to eat , Second, it's really fun .

People in many places , They also collect cicadas , It is said that it is a medicinal herb , I never understood what it could do , because “ meat ” It's all gone , How shabby the skin tastes . therefore , I don't pick up cicadas when I see them , For me , The significance of finding cicada sloughing is to know that there is a nest under the tree , You can dig for a while . Because cicadas will lay many eggs on a leaf or a branch , When leaves or branches fall , The hatching larvae of these cicada eggs will drill down to the roots of underground trees , Grow up by sucking the nutrients from the roots , It usually goes through 4 It takes years to excavate and transform , It's not easy , That is, they become cicadas , I can only live one summer at most , That's why they scream desperately , As if telling the world : They have been here . Um. , When I didn't have this knowledge before , The golden cicada tastes delicious , Now I know more , Instead, I can't bear to eat , alas , More knowledge, more reactionary ?

Pick up my son from school in the evening , Take him to visit the tree where I found the most cicadas , Look at the sample he exclaimed , It's fun . We were standing under the tree , Looked up and counted them one by one , Yes 8 individual , Then he turned to me and said “ Mom , Let's go home , Let me write down the numbers for you 1 To 8, After that, you will count by yourself ”. EH … All right ~

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