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Tianwen's poem: melody of joy in heaven and earth

2022-06-24 00:50:57Photographic skills

The happy songs and the splendid prosperity in the fields . Heaven and earth

A huge scene , Music is the splendid land of all things .

Everything is full of moving vitality . The trees are gloomy

Luxuriant music like fragrance . The shadow is still ,

The stream is pleasant . The mountains are comfortable , Baiyun Chunxi .

We are all white and moving , In moving and flourishing

In the mountains . It's like a beautiful and lush world , One

The nature of pure beauty . Two beautiful white chairs

In a moving clarity . Such as art according to people ,

Just like others . Plants and trees are in accordance with the rules , It's quiet .

Poetry is like everything in heaven and earth painting . Everything is full of pottery .

A quiet mirror in endless moving clarity

On the field , Everything that reflects Xun meiziying . White clouds are like

honey , Heaven and earth are gentle .

Yiyi is near and far away , Endless silence is good . Heaven and earth are gentle and wise , The river

Xiu Ying . The flowers are bright and white , Endless delight and moving .

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