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Tianwen's poem: abundance of habitat

2022-06-24 00:51:00Photography

Between the fruit leaves . The rich twinkling of the day .

Words if ye Fansheng . We have a gentle

The heart of . Birds are all over the gentle day , Such as

Gentle and splendid scenery . We are on the earth

Take a walk on a moving path . Like a philosopher ,

Or poet . The orchard is in front of us , Vast

prosperous . The sky is like a paint dripping with honey .

We live on the gifts of the earth , Of life

Thought or truth comes from life itself and the earth

A secret or profound reflection . We

Your shoes are scented with earth and flowers . Orchard

The fruit and flowers are in full bloom . Magpies are like

The joyful song of the soul . We stood quietly ,

Or have a gentle and endless nostalgia for life .

We are full of love . The fruit leaves are abundant .

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