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Is Kung Fu the highest level movie of Xingye? I just want to say that one masterpiece in ten years and one star in a hundred years

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A kind of attitude A kind of life A cup of tea A pot of old wine A movie A confidant , Original article , Welcome to the movie .

This is a classic Chinese action movie , Personal perception : This is the highest level film Stephen Chow has ever made as a director , We don't have a feeling , I have seen this film many times , But not tired . For example, a person does housework at home , I think the room is too quiet . Turn on the TV and play this 《 Kung fu 》, But whenever you turn your attention back to the TV screen , No matter how many minutes the highest movie is on , You can see into it , Instead of turning off the TV .

This is really not what any film can do , Use a word that ordinary audiences can understand best to describe , Namely —— good-looking . Actually 《 Kung fu 》 The plot of the film is extremely simple , Although the special effects are very good , But it certainly can't be compared with Hollywood commercial blockbusters , Classic though , But it is not a legendary masterpiece in film history .

Why is it beautiful ? Tell you three secrets , To sum up, there are three key words : feelings 、 rhythm 、 Drop .

These are the things that can most move the hearts of the audience , Why is it said that this film is Stephen Chow's highest level work , Because of these three points , Where is Xingye 《 Kung fu 》 It's perfect .

First key word ——  feelings , Our feelings for Stephen Chow , In fact, it is the style of Zhou's Wulitou Comedy , Stephen Chow's personal feelings for movies , It is salutation and self mockery . His salutation and self mockery are both advanced , Not imitation , Plagiarizing and showing off .

Chen Tan is the character in the first scene of the film , The actor is 《 Love to the end 》 Director Zhang Yibai , The second character is the leader of the crocodile gang , The actor is the director FengXiaogang . After the police station made a scene , Out of the door, maxiaogang saw the deserted cinema and said :“ I can't do anything to make a movie , There is no one at the cinema on Sunday .”

That is 2004 In the year , Stephen Chow's movie box office has not been high , As a director, Stephen Chow is also a newcomer in the mainland film circle , So he asked two well-known mainland directors to play tricks , Let's map the bleak film market , This is Zhou Wulitou's feelings and advanced self mockery .

Then came the second keyword ——  rhythm , Most audiences like movies with rhythm , Of course, it does not rule out that some people like to watch slow-paced literary films , But fast tempo doesn't mean from beginning to end , Don't say nonsense , If you don't have a plot, you can call it quick , But oneortwo shots tell a lot of things . Oneortwo lines can output a lot of information .

Look at the scene where brother Chen killed a woman .

“ eldest brother , You let me go .”

“ Don't be silly , Eldest sister-in-law , I don't kill A woman , You can leave now. !”

A word and a move to grab , It shows that brother Chen is moody , Insidious and cunning , Also for seeing Stephen Chow for the first time and letting him go , Buried a foreshadowing . More clearly , He doesn't like women , If you don't believe me, I'll go through the following chapters , Whether brother Chen goes out to bully others , Or go home and smoke , Whether in the ax Gang headquarters , Or teahouses or private rooms in nightclubs , He has only his younger brother , Not a woman .

The faster tempo is the following classic ax Gang group dance , The background music is so fashionable now , Brother Chen stepped on a lotus flower pattern . you 're right , This sign is the last fire cloud evil god , You can't fight with a concealed weapon for sneak attack .

Brother Chen is standing in the middle , It shows that the society is still good , Only with his poisonous needle , So flowers can go bad . After that, more and more people danced , It shows that there are more and more social cancer . Interspersed with the pictures of the ax Gang's crimes and the industries controlled by the ax gang , The hotel 、 nightclub 、 The casino , Then there was a black screen caption that lasted more than ten seconds .

This is a social upheaval , The age of gangs ,

Among them, there are “ The hammers ” Most frightening .

Only some poor communities that are not interested in gangs ,

But enjoy temporary peace .

Black screen subtitles , Not a line , But it gives people a lot of information , The ax Gang is becoming more and more powerful , Cover the sky with hands , Without a law , This is called fast tempo .

《 Kung fu 》 Why is the third key word so beautiful ——  Drop  , In fact, it is the psychological gap of the audience , In other words, unexpected surprise . You think it's time to be sensational , He makes you laugh , You think you should go to the left , He has to go to the right , The greater the drop , The bigger the surprise in my heart , So the deeper the impression . But no matter how bad the gap is, it makes you feel disobedient , It seems that only Stephen Chow has done the best in China .

For example, the charterer 、 Charterers fight each other , The charterer fell from upstairs . Fill a vase and hit it on your head , Blood came out , At this time, it is normal for everyone to hurry to watch and rescue , Call a doctor . Chaos , But Stephen Chow silenced the whole audience , Picture freeze . Just let this soy sauce explode to do an unconventional action .

“ Stop that now the !”

And then everyone gets back to normal , The sound also recovered , This is the drop . Not according to common sense , But it is humorous and smooth , All three key words are finished , Next is Stephen Chow , Use these three moves to evolve countless combination fists . Punch the audience in the heart , Let's not forget for a long time .

The protagonist shows off his skills , First feelings, then fall , Feelings are a tribute to the stars 2001 In, he directed and acted himself 《 Shaolin Soccer 》, The difference is that he is not here to play today , To find fault .

“ uncle , Can you ask us to play football ?”

“ Play football !”

Let's pay attention to Stephen Chow in this movie 《 Kung fu 》 in , The little gangster played is the number one male , But there is no name from beginning to end , You don't even know his name without the subtitles . And an hour before the movie , Male No. 1 basically doesn't have any part , Just back 30 Minutes have taken back all the scenes .

If not, many people are unaware of this , This is the fast pace throughout the film , Omit all the useless things . But Stephen Chow is confident that it will not affect the overall situation , Then there was a fast-paced gap —— Barber with soy sauce , From the fat man sitting down to the end of the cut , Only threeorfour seconds . Only the sound of scissors , I didn't shoot a haircut , Is your first feeling —— So fast .

If you use special effects to make a scissors and hair flying around , At least ten seconds , Drag rhythm , And the psychological gap of the audience is not so big , The fall behind is constant , Integrated with Zhou Wulitou's feelings . Just let out a cry !

“ eldest brother !”

The fat man fell asleep , Then the star Lord will challenge the villagers , One is bigger than the other , One by one, it makes no sense . Until the charterer appeared , The tempo of these shots is as fast as bolt's running 100 meters , A long shot from left to right .

A firecracker makes a sound , One second leads to the second leader of ax sect , Dark clouds followed the evil forces to the pig cage stronghold .

The first war is imminent , From funny to tight seamless connection , With one .

“ Fat woman !”

Here's a super detail , You have to say it again to understand .

“ You want to blackmail me too ? I am not afraid !”

Go back to the movie , You will find that in the background of whether he can, there are twelve way Tan legs and iron fist , Then two sound effects and pictures flashed horizontally and vertically . It represents the Kung Fu of two masters, one with fist and the other with leg , Then flash back. The two masters behind the camera are gone . It means that the two masters have made moves , Let's help the second leader fight with an axe , This rhythm perfectly explains that the world's martial arts can only be fast .

“ Call people !”

The first scene boss The war is about to begin , the whole of sth. 《 Kung fu 》 Just like the accelerated version of soul duel , Every 20 minutes boss, Make a pass , fully and delightfully . There is a rhythm of bucktooth Jane's acting , Show coquettish , Don't be coy , Shrug your shoulders and twist your crotch , As long as a look on the screen .

Looking back, Buck tooth Jane was dragged downstairs , This is not about people , It's time and space . The pace is so fast that even going downstairs is omitted , There were hidden feelings here , Brother Chen, this composition across the world , The whole film appears three times , Chen brother 、 The Charter lady 、 Fire cloud evil spirit . Only Stephen Chow did not , It shows that his martial arts level is higher than those of these people .

Real Kung Fu is not used to bully the weak , Then start fighting , A group of people in black besieged a leading character , Stephen Chow will also have more than a dozen action scenes later , Many people say it's like 《 The matrix 》, Of course, like . because 《 Kung fu 》 and 《 The matrix 》 All the martial arts instructors are yuanheping . Mr. Yuan is a true great master in China , This big action play is actually full of feelings .

Everyone knows that Stephen Chow is a kung fu fan , Why did he choose the twelve way Tan leg 、 Hong's iron fist and Wulang Bagua stick are three masters . Because the fist 、 foot 、 Weapons are the basic skill of Chinese Wushu . and 《 Kung fu 》 The soundtrack of all the action plays in , They are all peak music adapted from traditional operas .

It also represents that it was once prosperous in the 1980s and 1990s , Even Hollywood is scrambling to imitate the martial arts design in Hong Kong action movies , In fact, it originated from the Peking opera stage . Both yuanheping and hongjinbao are Peking opera singers . This feeling is also the reason why Chinese audiences look comfortable , No matter how developed your foreign technology is , The quintessence of our nation , You can learn moves , But no soul can be imitated .

All fist and foot weapon skills are open , end , Three people in this triangle , It stands for stability . Next, we will continue a wave of fast-paced belt drop , The star opens the lock , There is no unlocking process , Is to tell you a word , fast !

“ Go for it !”

Brother Chen sent two gangsters to kill a man , Then there is the action of asking for a gun , A psychological gap rounded the foreshadowing of child Zener . Then , Two punks sound first , The picture takes the audience to find the characters , People will think where these two people will talk in the street , But the most unexpected thing is to be on the traffic lights .

“ A little harder , Looks like !”

Another psychological gap , The audience was led away by the director , He is always ahead of you . This is also a short frequency out of rhythm , Last second, I was still at the top of the traffic lights , In the next second, I arrived at the roadside beggars . He said a lot of big things seriously , Be ruthless 、 To kill , Don't wait to die , Then he went to pick up a cigarette and took a sip . It's so coherent that people don't have time to react , This is Zhou Wulitou's feelings with rhythm .

“ Look at your glasses again !”

This line also appears many times after , This is the initial reason for the actor's inferiority complex and regret , So this line directly leads to memories . When I was a child, I bought the secret script of the Tathagata palm with the money I had to study to be a doctor or a lawyer , Found cheated .

“ It costs two cents a copy !”

No more doctors and lawyers , So he feels inferior to people who wear gold wire glasses , A doctor or a lawyer , It's vanity . This memory is a big gap , Through to the end .

Everyone knows that this beggar is not cheating , Stephen Chow practiced Tathagata palm since childhood , Childhood experiences have lost and gained , Lose all dignity , Get the respect of the little mute . then , Have you ever seen the quickest sensational play !

“ Where? ?”

Once the memory is over , The sensational music didn't stop , The heroine in the memory came into the picture , The music just went on . Pay attention to the tram behind , Walking with the plot completely , Two lines , A look at , Take the tram immediately , The louder he laughed , The louder the music is , What I want to cover up is sadness .

When I was a child, I couldn't express my meaning , Grown up, insincere .

Here he comes , Here he comes , Another set of combination Boxing , Irrational feelings and psychological gap , This fall is very wonderful , It is a gap of sadness and joy . At first, the charterer scolded the three masters , Tense atmosphere , Then the rescued mother and daughter came to thank the benefactor . Emotional , For a second , The charterer came out to be funny , Sissy iron fist hard break sad mood . The charterer immediately satirized him that he was white and red , Carry the joke to the end .

Now , Buck tooth Jane came out to fight , The mood became tense again , The charterer shows her lion roaring skill , Bury a foreshadowing , The audience is quiet 、 All emotions are cleared . The details of the soundtrack in the film , Classical and Pipa are conventional , Erhu represents a tragic life experience , As soon as the erhu rings, the male leader gets hurt , The worse the injury, the louder the music .

The rhythm is 4D Of , To mobilize the nerves and senses of the audience , It goes without saying that the chase scene . Very late phenomenon . Where is the sense of difference ? It was Stephen Chow who was injured , He was chased with pain , But in the end, the charterer bumped into a billboard of painkillers , Finally, the chase is over .

It also means that Stephen Chow will go to heal his wounds soon , And then recover from the traffic lights , Foreshadowing , Massive information with rhythm , That means he is a martial arts genius , Strange bones , The palm print indicates that he has practiced the Tathagata divine palm . And he broke the traffic lights at the intersection , It means that he is about to break the existing rules . But also at the crossroads of life , Make an important choice . How on earth should he choose ? Now I won't tell you .

At this time , The second level boss On stage , The original film is called the sky and the earth , In fact, one is deaf and the other is blind , Fat people are just deaf people who can read lips , The thin one is blind , The martial arts realm of lobster combination reflects the gap .

The three masters of the stronghold are the foundation of Wushu , boxing 、 foot 、 Weapon 、 Lobster combination is the second level , Remote attack . Turn Qi into action , It's easy to understand , The legal system AOE, The three masters don't know , Learn from each other , Business favors each other . It is also a triangle station , But this time a corner fell , Unstable , The sun is like blood behind me .

It was a comedy effect , But the gap is coming soon , All three people died in the Second World War , The second game boss The great feeling of war has come again . Three people must be mentioned , One is Hong Kong Music Master Huang Yinghua , He has adapted numerous Chinese classical music and opera music , Successfully applied to movies . Stephen Chow 《 A Chinese Odyssey 》 The classic debut of the monkey king BGM, It was written by her .

The fighting lobster group played the zither , But the tune is adapted by Huangyinghua from the famous Pipa music 《 Overlord armor remover 》, The other two are numerous martial arts instructors yuanheping and actor dongzhihua who plays a ghost . Donghuazhihua is a great martial artist of Beijing opera academy , In the last century 80 In the s, he toured abroad with the Chinese Peking Opera Theater , Yuanheping guides the design of this set of movements , Only master wusheng like dongzhihua can complete .

As I said before, this is the quintessence of China , Of all the action movies, this scene is unprecedented , There was a fierce confrontation from beginning to end , There was no physical contact , Tangible versus intangible , Unity of form and spirit , No replicable , I just hope that there will be a latecomer who can surpass them .

The basic fist and foot weapons of Chinese Kung Fu , It's to train your muscles, bones and skin . The second realm takes the form of gasification , It is to practice one breath , After internal and external training , You have to have moves , There are different sects . therefore , The combination of the top-level sect Taijiquan and the top-level move lion roar skill in the third level of the realm completely wins the lobster , We have to apply our key words , This is a useful drop , That is, the Tao is a foot higher than the devil .

Then it changed from defense to attack , It's Stephen Chow and his small feelings and fists , A series of scenes in the car threatening brother Chen , Each is a drop , Are ahead of the audience's consciousness , Then there is Stephen Chow's small feelings . Xingye's idol is Bruce Lee , The action of the charterer pays tribute to Bruce Lee 1972 I wrote, directed and acted by myself in 《 The Dragon flies across the river 》.

Then ah GUI died , It is also a gap and feelings , In the mourning atmosphere of infinite sadness , The public charterer and the woman charterer are still in love . Miso also needs to get involved in the episode . This is also a good show of the seamless combination of Xingye's comedy and tragedy . The lines that ah GUI said before he died “ The greater the ability , The greater the responsibility .”

Most people should know this , It's a tribute to Spiderman , The last sentence in English is deeper ,“what are prepared to do ” What are you going to do , come from 1987 American film 《 be just and stern 》 Sean · Detective Malone, played by Connery , The line you said before you died . Sean · Connery also won the 60th Academy Award for best male partner through this role , These are all films that Xingye loved when he was young . Borrow two Movie Heroes , A superhero , A common person , This feeling also brings the next big rhythm of the film —— People make the right choice .

When it comes to choosing, start choosing right away , The rhythm is so fast , Stephen Chow scolds fat people for not doing bad things , In fact, I scold myself . At this time, the big drop came again , He chose to be a bad man , Rob the little mute , Followed by a wave of great feelings . Under the poster pose It should be the soul of countless people ! Tell you how big this feeling is , The gesture of two people is to salute 1939 Year of 《 Gone with the wind 》, That is the story of a woman who is obsessed with two men who are deeply in love .

It shows that Stephen Chow is facing an important choice between good and evil , Everything is in one thought , And the poster in the background is 1935 A comedy movie 《 formal hat 》, It is about a pair of happy enemies who misunderstand each other and get married . This is the little mute's current inner panic , It is also a metaphor for the happy ending of the film .

I want to be honest , Huang Shengyi's acting subversion is the one without any lines in this step 《 Kung fu 》, Her sign language means that you have helped me before , I remember you , Four words describe —— lovingly pathetic . Stephen Chow's eyes have obviously melted , Compromised the guilty eyes . This is a big hug , But you want to be faster than Stephen Chow , He is always one step ahead of you .

Add your ax gang , To make money 、 Buy good clothes , All the wishes have been fulfilled , He sent a woman , But to have a woman, she has to make the right choice . The scene of fire fighting cloud evil god , It is also a psychological gap of opening and closing , The door at the end of the porch salutes 1980 Year of 《 Shining 》, Represents extreme psychological fear . You'll think it's hard to open this door , Then you got caught again .

Toad with praise for details , Toad skill that implies fire cloud evil god , Then the image of evil gods is a psychological gap .

“ I swear, , Absolutely do as you are told .”

Now , Here comes the fourth level of martial arts , Those who ignore any sect and move are —— limit . There are two states when you reach the limit of martial arts , One is invincible , One is chaos , It is also commonly known as being possessed by evil . You think this man can't say anything about pregnancy , What kind is it ! All in all , He is the ultimate boss That's right . The triangle position of three people face to face here is a technical gap , At this time, the triangle position does not represent stability , But there is a hidden danger , be triggered at any moment .

The clock was laid in front , But use cold weapons as rocket launchers , It's the prop drop . All in all , The first time I saw you, I didn't expect to be in a close race , The time has come to test the choice of the protagonist . Because there is too much drop ahead , I think of the first time I saw this movie , Seeing this, I dare not judge his choice , For fear of another psychological gap . But this time he let everyone breathe a sigh of relief , It's a pity that I haven't breathed well yet , It's dead , Although I know that he must be resurrected .

In the end boss war , ultimate war , We must put our feelings 、 Rhythm and fall , The rest of the bullets were all shot . The clothes of Xingye after his resurrection continue to pay tribute to Bruce Lee's black pants and white coat , The action design is a tribute to yuanheping, a martial arts instructor 《 The matrix 》. The music continues the Beijing opera style , No music means playing normally , To play music is to enlarge , The visual drop is sky high , From top to bottom , From left to right . You say stepping on your feet is a child's trick , Just let you get caught , Big opening and closing .

Two Wulitou gold medal commentators outside the stadium , But also from time to time into chaos , The site is not enough , Take the sky into account . At this time, the fourth level of restraint martial arts should appear , That is, the fifth level of transcendence —— Only return to nature , Universal crossing of all living beings .

It's not over yet. !

“ Surrender !”

Sneak attacks have occurred before , But how to crack the sneak attack ?

The final drop , The answer is on the surface , As I said before, at the beginning, the ax Gang danced together , A poisonous sting is inserted in the middle of a lotus flower , Pull out the poison sting , Flowers or flowers !

“ What is your palm technique ?”

“ You want to learn ? I'll teach you !”

I'll teach you ! Raise the level of martial arts to the sixth level, and return to nature —— Martial arts are used to communicate , Share 、 progress , In the absence of confrontation 、 Kill 、 Victory or defeat . A wave of operation brings the rhythm to the peak , Now you know 《 Kung fu 》 Why do you never get tired of seeing things !

Dense feelings , Advanced drop , And the rhythm you can never keep up , This is the audience's favorite . Stephen Chow is stimulating the hearts of the audience , So it's good-looking . Some people may say that I read too much , Give me a detail . We talked about a lot of actors' triangle positions before , But there are also five or five people in the film , Is the actor standing face to face , A scene that suggests contradiction and opposition . Look again , You know how professional Stephen Chow's lens is 、 Neat .

On the last side, there are still five or five leading men and women , But the sun 60 Turn the lens by degrees and turn the opposition into reconciliation , This is a professional director's lens design , Instead of slapping your head in vain . Stephen Chow not only loves movies , He knows movies . Not only serious , rigorous , And professional , final happy ending Not just the hero and heroine .

Look how dreamy the street is , Miso is chasing her rescued sister , Glib people like to flirt with honest people , The combination of bucktooth Jane and gold wire glasses is a combination of coquettish and vanity , Charter a company 、 The charterer is always in love and harmony , The traffic was commanded by the dentist uncle who spoke well of the three experts in the city stronghold , Since you know how to change rules , The traffic signal was broken , Just the agency rules !

Last, last , song 《 Just live for you one day 》, Huangyinghua composed music , Stephen Chow filled in the words , Who does he want to live for , Self brain tonic , I just want to say ——  A family for ten years , One hundred years a star .

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