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You and me to be continued

2022-06-24 00:51:46Photographic skills

    June ushers in the graduation season , We returned to our alma mater with a smile , Looking back with a smile , Walking out of the school gate with a smile , You and I waved goodbye in a hurry , We all look forward to the next continuation …

    Today's raindrops wash away the parting breath , The rest is only a short time of happiness . Dressed in good clothes “ We ” Stand on the playground orderly ,“ One, two, three 、 eggplant ” With “ Clicking ” A sound , The memory of our youth for several years also lives on the photos forever .

      A mutual greeting , The throb of youth seems to be boiling again . I recalled that I had just entered the school , I have a beautiful vision for the future ; Time goes by , It seems that the dialogue still exists yesterday , Play around with you , Turn around and you still sleep opposite me . Looking back at the moment , I stood among my roommates again , Listen to their laughter at the moment , I looked at their lovely faces , Everything has changed and nothing has changed , A meal , Into it again .

      Then we came to the gate of the canteen , Go in , I made a set meal , This time, my aunt's hand didn't shake anymore , Maybe everyone knows , This is the last time we meet !



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      Go to the school gate , We waved goodbye to each other , After a long absence, we will soon embark on another new journey . May we all have a bright future , Peace and joy !

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