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The college entrance examination results came out

2022-06-24 00:51:49Photography

In the evening , The circle of friends was brushed by the college entrance examination results , It happens that several of my friends are high school teachers ——

Yes 681 Points of , Yes 682 Points of , Yes 675 Points of , Yes 669 Points of , Yes 657 Points of , Yes 642 Points of , Yes 634 Points of , Yes 613 Points of , Yes 603 Points of , also 500 Multi point , Also have 400 Multipoint ,300 Multi point ......

When the college entrance examination results are announced , It's really a matter of joy and sorrow .....

I thought about it , It seems that no one will always envy others for their endless wealth , But some people will always envy other people's children for their excellent grades ...... That's because we know : Only good grades , To have more choices , Will have more possibilities in life . although , Achievement doesn't mean everything , But the college entrance examination is the fairest competition , People who do well do better , Get into a good university , Academic vision 、 The resource platform will be more excellent ......

therefore , We must tell our next generation , Learning useful , Reading is useful , Children should have good grades , Also read more 、 Have rich cultural heritage , Be a person who is full of spirit and spirit .

If you go back ten years , I will study harder , More dedicated to learning , I will really try my best and do my best , Don't let youth leave regret .

If you fail in the college entrance examination , Please don't be discouraged , Life has a long way to go , It's all in time , Just wake up , It's not too late , Come on! !

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