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Serial novels: the "corner" of the wind filled building 10

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writing / Drizzle and wind

This Hummer is so famous , There is only one car in the provincial cities , That's with Lin Sasa's father , Private driving by zhaomengfan, the son of zhaochanyu, the chairman of Genesis Real Estate Co., Ltd., which is as famous as Yulei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd , It is said that he will soon move into the county on behalf of Genesis , Invest billions here to develop , So the county magistrate 、 The Secretary of the county Party committee will clap his hands in excitement .

And these things , I learned later when I heard Lin Sasa chatting in private . But I can see that when Lin Sasa talked about zhaomengfan , She seems very unhappy .

Xiao ran hugged Lin Shasha and asked in surprise :“ My sister is unhappy too ?”

Lin Shasha frowned , Then a helpless sigh .

I said to Xiao ran :“ Your sister is not an immortal , Of course, there are some small emotions occasionally .”

When the asphalt road extends into the mountains , The county magistrate and the secretary have made arrangements for the trip , I and the Federation of literary and art circles 、 The writers' Association is responsible for collecting the causes of poverty and backwardness of poor households , We must teach them to fish , Solve the problem of poverty at its root , This time go to , The women's Federation focuses on solving the problems of women and children in remote rural mountainous areas , Xiao ran helped to carry some comforts , Lin Shasha and them , If you like , You can go to the village to give these people who haven't seen real people singing and dancing for a hundred years , Send spiritual food !

County Magistrate Li pointed out : Television cameras , We should not only publicize this consolation mission in form , To attack suddenly , When entering the village, avoid the village head and go to the house to find out , We won three townships today , Each township finds a natural village to comfort and understand the situation .

The car was full of applause . Among them, women's federations and cultural centers are the loudest . In particular, jinyueyao and Ma Xiaozhuang are particularly enthusiastic .

County Magistrate Li said again :“ Communists are the founders of the Chinese revolution , It is also the driver of fine traditions , It should also be a close friend of the working people , We must set up the banner of serving the people , Let our leading cadres take root among the people , Be a part of it ! People with empty heads , Cut off your opportunistic thoughts as soon as possible !”

The camera in the car kept changing angles , The female field reporter of the radio station took notes quickly , An elegant and cold literary style .

Look at Jin Yueyao and maxiaozhuang. They both have sweat on their heads , There is no excitement at the beginning .

After county magistrate Li finished speaking , Secretary zhouzhengtai stood up again and added :“ County Magistrate Li made a comprehensive statement , I will simply add a few words here , And as a learning topic for today's party activities , Finished , On the bus back home tonight, we have to assess one by one ” after one's words , Look around with sharp eyes , Asked loudly :“ Do you hear me clearly ?”

“ Listen to me ”. The car echoed loudly !

Secretary Zhou then said :“ Eight sentences , Twenty four words , Listen carefully and remember , Write it down sentence by sentence with your mobile phone .”

When you are ready , Secretary Zhou read slowly :“ in unison ---, Go to war as fast as you can ---, Precise and pragmatic ---, Innovation ---, Overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties ---, No less than the people !”

Finished recording , The secretary then said majestically :“ This is the spirit of poverty alleviation work put forward by President Xi at the national poverty alleviation commendation conference , We must keep in mind , Deliver the goods !”

The car slowly entered the deep valley and narrow road , The car began to bump , Looking back, I saw that the Hummer was still following me .

To Zhouzhuang village , We entered three families in batches , A family of two , The rest is in the car , The county magistrate and the secretary went to the Hummer to contact other things .

Linsasha would like to go with me , Xiao ran also wants to go , Zhaomengfan stares at Lin Shasha not far away , His face was livid , His eyes flashed a little murderous, and he nodded and shook his hand with a smile , Then he gouged me out .

I'm thrilled , I have a hunch that there is a lot of trouble here !

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