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2022-06-24 00:52:21Photography

In the field .

Someone said ,

There may be rabbits in the weeds , At this time, the rabbit is covered with meat , It tastes delicious and juicy .

Birds , Is also dull , Easy to catch , Can be captured and fed to our aobai .

therefore , The children's journey of finding rabbits and catching birds began .

The fields resounded with children's clear and crisp laughter like silver bells .

I followed someone arm in arm , Sometimes they look at each other and smile , Full of warmth and gratitude .

Children are interested in the land , To the fields , The closeness and love of nature , Seems to be born with , That heartfelt smile is sweet and relaxed , It deeply heals the anxious and nervous heart of me and someone .

Dear baby ,

May you get the gift and nourishment of love in nature :

Love 、 Dream 、 Enthusiasm !

Action power 、 Learning ability 、 Gratitude !

It's a lush and cool place

Looked from a distance , It looks like an elk

Said the child , The insect is sleeping , Don't disturb !

Frost leaves are red in February

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