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Here are my favorite clouds

2022-06-24 00:52:46Photography

It's beautiful today , Found in the ordinary life also has poetic

Summer solstice , Hot but not dry in the days of walking

Summer wind, summer sunset, summer passion

The sun is the brightest after the rain

In this bustling city

Who wants to stop

Every piece of pure white on the horizon

I will stay for you

Indulge in every piece of tenderness , The tenderness of each frame

You can imagine a hundred kinds of static attachment to immortality

Her companion is blue without filter

Feeling your incomparable real face

Gentle and not angry and impetuous   Soft and exciting Open and unrestrained

You are the missing of June , Tranquil mood , Wait a long time

The relentless rain and flood for half a month is just for this moment

The sun shines for you , I met you at sunset

In the ritual sense of summer , There are clouds I like

I would like to have your good days

Always down to earth , No disaster, no difficulty , Peace and joy .

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