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Quiet life original / heart travel ~ Chapter 335

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original / Heart travel ~ The first 335 piece

chart / writing : Bi Yi

      《 A quiet life 》

      If you want to feel the hustle and bustle of the city , That morning and evening rush hour is the most appropriate . But if you want to experience the quietness of the city , Some large free parks are the first choice .

      Why? ? Because large , It must have a good greening effect , hillside 、 pond 、 The corridor 、 Seats and so on will also be available . And the free park , The general reception is the nearby residents , There are very few foreign tourists , So there are few tourists .

      therefore , Good greening 、 The facilities are complete 、 Fewer people and so on have become the characteristics of these large free parks . If the weather is fine again , Add the previous three features , Just icing on the cake , a “ Sihao Park ” 了 .

      The weather on this day is rare , Because the wind has just blown , The blue of the sky looks so clear , And the white clouds floating above , Like walking cotton , Both large and thick , Flexible and light . Chasing each other in the air , Fly East , Converging towards the sea .

      There are people pushing cars around occasionally , There is not a baby lying in the car , That is, the baby is hobbling on the ground .

      There are also twos and threes , It's like several children have a party , Play together in the sun , Growing up together , Feel the warm sunshine together .

      Tired of walking , Sitting on the seat beside the walking path , Experiencing the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere at this time . A magpie fell in front of me , Chirped a few times . The sound is not big , But it was deafening . Three four or five-year-old children are grabbing a ball dozens of meters away , That tender voice has a strong penetrating power , Buzzing in my ear .

      Stand up , Keep walking . This quiet atmosphere makes people feel sleepy and lazy after sitting for a long time . No wonder those old people spend half a day in the sun . Although I know I will have that day sooner or later , But now , I just want to go .

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