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The flowers blossomed

2022-06-24 00:53:09Photography

The Central Plains focus insists on sharing 1931 God 20220623 It hasn't rained here for a long time , this , It's just heavy rain ~ In the words of the children , It's just like pouring water .

Children like rain . Children who like rain , It's not the same . The child in the rain laughed in front ,

The children who were not in the rain laughed behind .

“ I feel a pile of water splashing on my body , And the feet feel cool .” Haoyu said happily . We listened happily .

There are more than one or two happy people . It is a . another . One by one . One after another . Drenched child , What do I do ? After being happy , What do I do ?

Of course , Parents are always strong supporters of their children .

Needed ,

Send clothes !

Send clothes !

It's not bad to blossom in one word

Write one in the middle of the blackboard “ Into the ”, Different children find different words friends . This is the word flowering .

Niu zishuo sacrificed his spare time to help Xiao Wen explain the test paper . He's going to write the first 1 Word “ Walk into ”.

Please recommend it to Mavericks. I feel I can write the first 2 Students of words , He recommended zhouzixuan — He felt powerless , When I don't know how to teach Xiaowen , It was Xiao Zhou who helped him . The girl wrote the first 2 Word “ progress ”. In Xiao Zhou's words , She helps others , She is happy that others are making progress .

“ Forward ”, Xiao Meng was recommended by Xiao Zhou to write the 3 Word “ Because every day has a goal , Only in this way can we make continuous progress , This is moving forward .”

“ go in ”, This is a word written by Zicheng .

Why write this word ,

What does it mean to write this word ?

ha-ha , Open the imaginary video ,

Listen .

Xiaomeng recommends Xiaoshou xingzicheng to write words , Because zipengcheng was doing the test questions , Correct mistakes again and again , Persist in changing , Changed 4 Never give up , And I'm not bothered .

Sick Sheng Yu came to class today . He wants to take medicine after lunch , His words are “ In and out ”.

I asked him why he wrote the word , He said , I am afraid when taking medicine , But taking medicine is good for your health , I'm not afraid anymore . For a while I was afraid , Be brave for a while , It's like going in and out .

ha-ha , Genius emotional expression .

Xinyan's mother brought her a bag of liquid medicine , According to her, it's very bitter , She had a flinch before taking the medicine . But I thought I could write words after taking the medicine , So the lovely girl pinched her nose and poured the medicine into her stomach .

“ I am afraid of suffering when I take medicine , But I'm not afraid of hardship , Then I went in , That door is medicine !” Xin Yan said and wrote “ import ” The reason for this word , I want to laugh , For the loveliness of children's language .

wow , Another word of genius —— Can be combined with your own experience and experience , Can be combined with your own courage and boldness .

Later, Xinyan wrote another word “ March ”. To know that a word blossoms , Several flowers opened at once . The last flower asked the other children , Other students can't seem to remember this word at once . ha-ha , Capable Xin Yan got it by looking it up in the dictionary .

One word “ Into the ”,

A lot of flowers .

Every flower ,

The external shape looks the same ,

In fact, the connotation ,

Are so unique .

Every flower ,

They all have their own stories .

Every flower ,

All wonderful .

Give children more opportunities ,

Let the child ,

In the heart ,

Take your time ,

Drive out ,

Own flowers !

This is the flower of respect , This is the flower of faith , This is the flower of strength , This is the flower of life .

The most beautiful flower

It's time for the children to take a lunch break , Our word flowering has also been completed .

Look, look ,

Today's birthday boy ,

Put yourself in the flower heart .

The computer screen has feelings , He especially likes today's little boy Cheng .

Not afraid of difficulties .

Know how to persist .

Keep going! .

The most beautiful flower ,

It must belong to you .

Flowers bloom

It's raining ,

It rained heavily .

It's raining ,

The plants ,

Very happy !

The children have a lunch break ,

I am free ,

Walk into the campus after the rain ,

Walk into the deep and shallow water .

Stepping on the spray .

Enjoying the hundred day red .

The heart is also happy to bloom

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