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The iron tree has blossomed

2022-06-24 00:55:59Life journey

before , I heard people say that the iron tree blossoms , I think this is a rare thing .

There are several iron trees in the yard , I always hope these iron trees will bloom soon , Let me have a feast for the eyes .

I don't know how long I waited , In these days , Suddenly I found that the iron tree in the yard was in bloom , It is also a rare surprise .

It seems , The flowering of iron trees is not unexpected .

It's like life , Most of them are like this .

If for a better future , Full of expectation , And work hard for it , There will always be some unexpected surprises .

Of course , If there is no expectation at all , May also be less than a lot of good chance encounter .

Human life , It may not be perfect , But always look forward to the future , Looking forward to a good time .

I have good expectations in my heart , Nature is full of sunshine , Full of power .

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