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The prime minister can prop up a boat in his stomach , It is difficult to be happy without wine in the cup

After drinking this glass of wine , You can think of anything tomorrow , You can walk along the avenue of wealth

A glass of wine won't make you drunk , Another cup to warm your stomach

Add wine and happiness , Add happiness and longevity , Days increase years and people live longer

Bring another glass of wine , May you live to 99

Two small glasses of wine is nothing , Just be a leader brushing his teeth

Three cups is good , Three cups of magic , Three cups of lucky stars to shine , Ask you to make a fortune , Would you like to ? Drink this cup and it will take effect

This wine is full of treasure , All of you here must come , Why don't we have wine glasses together , Raise your glass A man with a teacup picks up the teacup , Let's raise our glasses and have a drink together , Contact contact , Our emotional line here , Let's raise our glasses and touch one !

Return the gift with wine , Tea instead of wine , Let's make a friend , Next time you come , You came to me

Take the cup , What you want, what you want , When the cup touched the gold, it bounced , When the cup rings, the gold is ten thousand Liang

Chopsticks hold what you want in your hands. Cut the ribbon to make life wonderful

Last , I wish you all have enough to eat , Don't worry about it , If you don't live in a bungalow or a high-rise building, you will be smart every day , Every night is gentle

Life is like a golden flower , Big money and small money are made every day

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