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Red dust diary: June 23, 2022

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WuJie school year IP Camp punch card No 171 God ,1126 word , Cumulative 212650 word 】

today , I did a big job with Mr. mu , I ordered Gree air conditioner and white oak table from the Internet . Mr. Mu spent all his travel allowance recently .

We bought the house at the beginning , on one 's uppers , Don't mention the decoration , I even borrowed money to buy furniture . That's it , It cost about twentythousand yuan , Bought two beds , A refrigerator , Customized a wardrobe , A shoe kitchen , A sofa , The porch and TV kitchen are simple , We brought an idle TV from my parents' house , A washing machine was moved from the rental house , Everything else is the layout of the original owner .

The original glass tea table looks a little shabby , I bought wood grain paper online , Mr. Mu personally pasted the imitation log series . Because the area is limited , I gave up the dining table . later , We have a little savings , I changed the range hood , The original range hood is loud , Weak suction , My mother-in-law stayed in the kitchen for a long time , So I changed it to one with more suction .

Now , The potatoes are getting bigger and bigger , He likes to sit on the ground when he eats at the tea table , After eating, I lay down and stretched myself , It's very offensive . Adults sit around the tea table and eat , It's hard to avoid having a belly , There was nowhere to put the elbow . therefore , After discussing with Mr. mu , Decided to change to a formal table , By the way, replace a small coffee table , From now on , Drinking tea is drinking tea , Eating is eating , There should be a sense of ceremony .

We bought the air conditioner to make use of the living room . My house is a large living room , The bedroom is relatively small , But in the living room, besides eating , We didn't seem to stay long . After breakfast in the morning , Go to school , Go to work, go to work , After dinner in the evening , Downstairs , Hiding in the bedroom . Even on weekends , We are also used to staying in our own bedrooms , There is an illusion of a familiar stranger .

Wait until the dining table and air conditioner are in place , We can also turn the living room into a study . After dinner, , We all sit at the solid wood dining table and read , Write , It's nice to think about it . occasionally , Children don't want to read , Part of the reason may be that there is no reading atmosphere . After that , Add a few small bookshelves outside the living room , Just perfect .

The moment the money is paid , My heart is afraid and expecting . Fear of spending money like water , Looking forward to more and more beautiful days .

occasionally , I especially envy that I can decorate my house as I like , And then fill their favorite furniture little by little . Subject to conditions , So far, I have bought two suites , I don't know how to decorate , Furniture can be used . What do you think , I will feel sorry .

I have always had a little dream , Buy a small house by yourself , Even if it is very small , Decorate according to your own will , All furniture is in accordance with their own preferences , Wake up every day , Surrounded by things you like , What kind of happiness should it be .

It's just , At this stage , I can only take the place where I live now , Without changing the big picture , Slowly fill up my favorite furniture . Sell another small house , After all, it's just a thought , It's an obsession , Can achieve the best , Can't achieve , The day leaves to pass .

Fortunately , Now it's time to change dislike into liking , It is also a rare joy . Thank Mr. mu for his hard work , It has created better and better living conditions for us .

Little potato has four days left for summer vacation , Think about it. “ terrible ”, He is likely to stay at home for two months , I haven't asked him if he has arranged his summer vacation . I didn't apply for another interest class this year . Go back to your hometown first “ A string of relatives ”, When he comes back , Let's make a total together .

That's how it is , Anticipation , There are many disappointments , There are also some surprises , large , day in day out .

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