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2022-06-24 05:41:21Life journey

        It's been a long time since I wrote anything seriously , It seems two years ago when I last wrote a long article , Two years have passed in vain , The time that passes in an instant disappears in front of us like a passing cloud . Look at the long river of life , In just two years, it's just a small sailboat in the long river , With the gentle waves of the river .

        There are some feelings when I think about it , Many big and small things have happened in the past two years , Some are insignificant , Others can talk to others in detail as refreshments after cooking . But I didn't record anything , I can only keep looking back at the footprints big and small behind me in my memory , Those forgotten things , Like the waves of the sea on the beach , With the return of the waves, they return to the vast sea , No sign of it .

        What I want to record recently is inspired by a friend , Through the words and deeds of this friend , Let me begin to gradually move towards the road of constant thinking and perception . Under the influence of today's developed network world and various fragmented information , I find that I have seldom looked into my heart , I seldom feel and introspect . Get an opportunity , I began to think about whether I could have a small amount of access to the Internet , Focus on the real world ? Observe the growth of plants in reality , The fragrance of flowers , Or a group of migratory birds flying across the blue sky , The pond fish swam across the rippling river .

        meanwhile , I once again tasted Mr. linqingxuan's prose , The full and sincere emotion and various attitudes towards things revealed in Mr. linqingxuan's words also strengthened my idea of writing something . If you want to write something, you must think about something , Feel something , Say something , This idea coincides with the behavior that I want to urge myself to think and feel , So in the dead of night , I listen to light music and record my thoughts and feelings at this time .

        A few days ago, I was quite distressed and anxious because of some things , In those days, I always thought about all kinds of problems , Think about the core reasons behind all kinds of current situations , In the process of thinking, I suddenly thought of whether I should cherish the time that is not so happy ? Because it's not going well , Because of the ups and downs , I've been thinking , Always feel , Maybe I want to comfort myself through this , To appear less painful . I asked myself , If I am happy now , Pleasant , propitious , Then will I go again “ Want to ” Well ?

        This reminds me of a previously read article by Mr. linqingxuan 《 No disaster, no difficulty to Gongqing 》, This article says : In the exile and frustration of life , Will have a sensitive heart to enter Literature , Only in the time of grief and exile can we write moving poems . Combine oneself , I think so , I seldom think about anything in a happy mood , Just enjoy the joy at that time . And in the pain of time will be more sensitive to things , Look at the fallen flowers and leaves , It seems to be a fate of life . I want to come here , We should cherish every mood at present , The feelings of words recorded in each different state of mind are different , Just like life , Because of the ups and downs , Maya angelou , To be perfect . If you just immerse yourself in happiness , After a long time, you will gradually feel no pleasure , Because there is no pain to compare with , It's natural that you won't feel happy . On the contrary, pain is the same . And our life is just a mixture of all kinds of emotions , Scatter them in all stages of life , Make one's life fuller . At the same time, the so-called “ Be happy ” And “ suffering ” It can also be converted to each other , A blessing in disguise , Behind bad luck comes good luck . A blessing is a curse , Misfortune makes fortune . Good times or bad times , We can only accept , And constantly change the state of mind , Live a wonderful life , Live out the thickness of life .

        Cherish every moment of the moment , I told myself that , Whatever the process , What kind of experience , When I look back, they are like dusty old newspapers in the corridor of time , Just stay quietly in that corner , Quietly recording such an experience .

        While cherishing the present , Also let your heart calm down , Don't let all kinds of complicated information from the outside cover the window of the soul , Keep a sensitive heart , While pursuing all kinds of things, it also retains the most primitive kindness in human nature .

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