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2022-06-24 06:38:13Photography

I'm busy in the catering business , A little leisure tired just want to fall asleep ! The meal was not on time , Wait until all the guests at each table have reported their meals before cooking by themselves , Sleep is not on time , After the guests leave, they can only go to bed after cleaning the room and washing the dishes and chopsticks, and there are also guests in the hotel who come from time to time , So! , Busy like a slave to time ! There is no moment that belongs to you !

But I love flowers very much ! Like this jasmine , For many years . The feeling for it is not just a flower ! Although there is some neglect in taking care of , But I still didn't make it thirsty, just less fertilizer , It doesn't care , It still blossoms and smells fragrant every year , And the flowers smell all over the house ! Maybe it also cherishes my love .

Growing flowers , It's the mood !

What is raised is feelings !

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