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2022-06-24 06:38:29Photography

I don't remember how many days I got up early and didn't write the day , But how do you spend your time getting up early every day ? Not replying to messages , It's reading , exercise , Because I think reading is more important than writing , In fact, they are all equally important , Reading can help me improve my knowledge , Input and output are both equally important , Just for me, who has no input, there is not much output , So in a limited time , I selected input , Let yourself read more , More to improve themselves .

Day watch , It is also very important for me , Because it's been a year since the beginning ,330 God , You can complete the challenge of one year if you persist , At that time, I was , The goal you set for yourself is 500 God , I don't know if I can hold on , Because over time , The things to be done will change with it , The arrangement of each time period is different , For example, there was a period of time , I'm free , You can change the day , Reading goes well , I am very busy during this period , There is also very little time for daily observation and reading , So the daily shift can only be carried out by maintenance .

I agree with you , Where is your heart , The harvest is there , The amount of reading during this period can also be seen from shell and brick , Where are your efforts , however , None of this matters now , During this time , My heart is really not here , Because this time , Through a lot , Whether it's feelings or career , Have a lot of insights , But most of them still want to make money desperately , Because only making money can balance my inner deficiency , Because only making money can make me more confident , Because only by making money can I realize the value of my life , Maybe you don't agree with me , But I have experienced failure , Feel at the bottom , I didn't help you , Without the pain of pulling you , Experienced his own disability and was spurned by others , therefore , Making money has become the only way I can prove myself .

But after this period of hard work , Their income can also be raised to a higher level , At least more than the average person , My income is much higher than theirs , Daily income can get a person's basic monthly salary , Maybe many people think it is impossible , But this is just a small start , I have a heavy task to do next , I also want to open a studio , But I can't drive it myself , Because I have been on the star in another project , So we can't start this project , Still looking for competent people , This may be the best choice , Life really has many opportunities , It depends on whether you can see , Whether we can grasp , Whether it can be grasped and applied .

In the meantime , Through a lot , I've grown a lot , If you want to walk the road of your life , And their own growth is inseparable , Before , I may be decadent , Confused and depressed , But now I , Not anymore , There is no time to be decadent , Depressed , The only thing I can do is to try my best to live every day , Try to cherish every moment of time . I want to spend the rest of my life , Live like you want . I want to spend the rest of my life , To those who once looked down upon me , I want to spend the rest of my life , Live the life you want , No longer subject to any constraints , A free life .

It's a mess , At will , Write as you feel , It's just some of my true feelings .

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