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Fate belongs to reincarnation, and mentality belongs to me

2022-06-24 06:51:23Photography

Life sentiment

In the cycle of life , I don't know who I met , What happened , Everything is destined .

Predestined 、 Those who complain 、 There is love 、 Hateful , It's all God's plan , It was meant to be , Don't complain .

Some people and things , Make you hate , Let your heart block , That is the evil fate of the previous life , It's God's punishment for you , Did something bad , This life bothers you .

Some people and things , Let you have love , To your benefit , It was predestined by fate in a previous life , This world is coming , It is God's reward , Let you remember , Make you unforgettable .

Some people live in spring , But it was not good at all , My heart is dark . Some people live in winter , My heart is bright , Spring is in my heart .

Spring is always in my heart , Sow the seeds of spring , Be a sunshine man ( Woman ) people .

Full of spring , Full of flowers , Beautiful mountains , Emerald green , Green bamboo is beautiful , Lakes and mountains , Frogs call me , The song of birds makes me drunk , Spring in the heart , Spring is in my memory .

Qin Shuwan is far away , Looking at Maple Leaf Red . Some people watch the autumn wind , Compassionate leaves , I like maple leaves in late autumn , Fiery red fascinates you .

His face was flushed , Red robes reflect the sun , Red leaves all over the sky , That's the most beautiful memory .

Spring is in my heart , Will always be young .

Life has given you reincarnation , Can not change the fate , You can change your mind .

Difficulties and setbacks are not discouraged , It is necessary to take precautions against danger when the wind blows and the water blows . Everything is in the margin , And beyond the edge , It is not up to people to come and go .

Maple leaves are the reddest in three thousand miles , The scenery in the south of the Yangtze River is beautiful . I like to listen to the music of the piano , Indulge in riding and whipping .

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