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Face like peach blossom

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The face is like peach blossom

Jiao Xiaoqiao

Sun Simiao of Tang Dynasty 《 It's a fortune 》 Record in “ Three peach blossoms , Drink on an empty stomach , Thin waist ”. When peach blossoms flutter in the sky , It always makes people drift far away , Some women , For example, Xigui , In the sea of pink flowers , Emerge faintly .

Xigui was the wife of xihou in the spring and Autumn period , Once I visited my sister in the state of CAI , Her brother-in-law caiaihou was rude to her . Xi Hou was furious , Bring Chu soldiers into the country , Destroy the state of CAI .

As a prisoner, marquis Cai AI hated Marquis Xi , In front of King Wen of Chu, he spoke of the beauty of Xigui , Say she :“ Eyes like autumn water , The face is like peach blossom , Medium length , Action Ecology , There are no two in the world .”

To arouse the lust of King Wen of Chu . King Wen of Chu was really pleased when he heard of it . B.c. 680 year , King Wen of Chu cut interest , Extinguishment state , Take interest GUI as Madam . The breath has been detected to Chu , For three years, I said a word to King Wen of Chu .

There is a saying about the final outcome of Xigui : One day , She took advantage of King Wen of Chu to go hunting , Sneak out of the palace , Meet Xi hou , Both of them know that a broken mirror cannot be completed , Both died in love and committed suicide . It's March , Peach blossom in full bloom , Chu people took Xi GUI as Lady peach blossom , Set up a temple to worship , Later generations also named her the goddess of peach blossom .

It is said that , The reason why Xi GUI can “ The face is like peach blossom ”, In addition to natural beauty , It is also due to the frequent application of peach blossom on the face . Mash the fresh peach blossoms to get juice , Apply to the face , Gently massage your finger pulp for a moment , Or mix the dried peach blossom powder with an appropriate amount of honey , Apply to the face , Can moisturize the skin , Reach ruddy complexion 、 The skin is smooth, delicate and elastic .

Flowers are the essence of plants , Many flowers contain various biological glycosides 、 Phytohormone 、 Anthocyanin 、 Essential oils 、 esters 、 Organic acids 、 Vitamins and trace elements , It can clear the vein , Improve blood circulation , Nourish the skin , Inhibit certain enzymes that cause skin aging , Enhance the vitality of skin cells . Peach blossom is no exception .

Wang Wei, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote a poem 《 Mrs. Xi 》“ Don't spoil , Forget the past , The flowers are full of tears , He did not agree with the king of Chu .” To this day .

In addition to beauty, peach blossom , Peach blossom can also dissipate accumulated blood stasis , It can cure mania , Its sedative and tranquilizing effect is also amazing . Lishizhen, a medical scientist of the Ming Dynasty, was in 《 Compendium of materia medica 》 The story of another woman and peach blossom is quoted in . The woman died of her husband , Missing day and night , So as to become insane , Got a mania , Dancing all day , Even climb up to the wall . The family had to lock her in the room . One night , She broke the window , Climb the peach tree . overnight , He ate up all the peach blossoms in a tree . The next morning, the family found , Pick her up from the tree , And her madness was cured .

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