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2022-06-24 06:52:09Life journey

**      Tree 20 has five , Ambitious , Try your best , Just try it , Great things never come true .         **—— selected from 《 Tree language • talk nonsense 》

When did everyone earn their first pot of gold ?

This question is really difficult for me to answer , If you want to go back carefully , That was when I was very young , Save waste paper and bottles to sell .

At that time, waste products were very valuable , Remember a mineral water bottle 1 Jiao Qian , A large oil barrel 1 block , You have to pick up some bottles to bring back when you go out to play . But this is not a part-time job , It doesn't match the topic .

There are scholarships in junior high school , This is the first pot of gold , But it is not a part-time job .

The real first pot of gold , It's probably the second or third day of junior high school , Start to participate in the new year's basketball game , A hundred balls a game .

Even if you win or lose , But I won the championship for the first time , And an extra 400 bonus .

Then we won the championship every year , I haven't paid any more bonuses .

A real part-time job , yes 2015 When I graduated from high school in . Distributing leaflets

The meeting was introduced by the students to a newly established make-up course institution , The other side looks at the college entrance examination scores , My grades are also very good among the part-time teachers in the institution , So the boss was very happy to leave me .

The first job was to distribute leaflets , My classmates and I were arranged to another place , Whether it's food or not , Those who are not familiar with the place of life can avoid a lot of embarrassment , But one day 40 Yuan , Later, at our strong request, we added 20 yuan to make up for it .

I worked like this for a week or two , People become black charcoal , As a result, none of the students were recruited .

Then we asked for leave because we filled in the volunteers , I haven't finished volunteering yet , The organization went bankrupt .. Fortunately, I finally got paid . Move bricks at the construction site

I stayed at home for a few days , And another classmate decided to move bricks , So I came to a villa community under construction . One hundred a day , Eight in the morning and six in the evening , The salary for that meeting is really high , We don't know any technology , Only physical work . Every day is to take down the scaffolding of the villa , Then move to a place , Pull away in the car . Sometimes I help bricklayers pull bricks , Help cement workers move cement ……

Eat breakfast at the breakfast stand at the gate of the villa every morning , You can see the luxury cars in and out of the built area of the community . My classmates and I also talked and laughed secretly , Ten years later, I bought a villa , Now seven years have passed , Still nothing .

Once we climbed over the wall from the construction site , Sneak into the built area , The style of villas here is not the same , Classical , modern , European , Rural , Marble …… have everything that one expects to find .

So , We were chased two miles away by the security guards who came to see the surveillance , I lost my helmet , Fortunately, my classmate ran fast and picked it up for me ……

The only photo left and the construction site Start a business

After college , I started my career first —— In the dormitory, I started a supermarket with my classmates .

15 It seems that online shopping has not been particularly popular in the year , Our supply is particularly difficult to solve .

Fortunately, I found a company specialized in campus supermarket , Solved the problem of the source of goods , Even if the supermarket is officially opened . But we haven't waited for stable business , The sourcing company went bankrupt , And because the dormitories' aunts chatter incessantly every day , my “ career ” It turns yellow ……

It would be really daring to try anything . Brush the single

Later, I joined a brush list group , Paid the membership fee , After a series of tedious induction courses and regulations , Finally began to brush the bill , Most of a single order costs a few dollars , A rare ten to twenty yuan .

But this thing is completely gray industry , I haven't started to draw the bill yet , There is a special person for us every day p Screenshot of Alipay salary arrival information , Used to seduce new people , and cx Not so much . Later Ben came back almost , I hurried back . Cheated model interview

After that, I'm going to be a graphic model on Taobao ( Um. , Blindly believe that the face and body are acceptable ...), I found a company with my friends to prepare for the interview , It happened that the senior mathematics class , I am afraid of roll call , So I went to class . My friend went to the meeting alone , More than a thousand people were cheated .( Fortunately, he only has more than a thousand )

He said it was in a community , The so-called office is an ordinary unit room , He drank the water he was given , Listen to me , Somehow I transferred money to someone . It's no use calling the police , People have already moved ……( Reality is always magical )

Thanks to Gao Shu ! I love gaoshu !

Freshmen and sophomores mainly do part-time jobs , Pick up express delivery , Hand out leaflets , Go to various activities to gather people .

I have also been exposed to the headlines , Twenty or thirty yuan a piece , It's really a blasphemy to words . You need to check the information yourself , But most of them are bad topics written on the Internet , Off is to achieve its original degree , It is more difficult than the graduation thesis .. So I haven't done any examples , I completely gave up this part-time job that can make me hate words .

However, what impressed me most during this period was that I picked up express twice . Pick up express

At a certain time , Mid-Autumn Festival ,11 block / An hour , My classmates and I worked from morning till night , The last salary was paid by the boss to two decimal places , It's a smash !!! Mid Autumn Festival ! For lunch, we are still in the warehouse and order takeout at our own expense , Don't even give us an apple ( Only for their regular employees ……)

A certain warehouse

Another time I went to a certain East , A double tenth , One day 150. But it was a lot of luck , Go to the express warehouse. The express hasn't arrived yet , Nothing , I sat and played with my mobile phone all day , I also had lunch , He was sent back at four in the afternoon , The salary was paid as usual .

This comparison , In heaven and earth …… Selling telephone cards

In addition, there are telephone cards , The Commission is really high , And my social fear is that I can't sell it !

I remember the first time I sold a card as a sophomore, I got 50% commission .

Junior directly rose to 80 ( Several major operators rolled up ).

I got a hundred when I was a senior , But I still can't sell it !( That would still be naive , Face thin ) Midea part time

The first formal part-time job is Midea , With the cheated friends , Do shopping guide at Gome's microwave oven monopoly counter .

We 11 element / An hour , No food to make up for . Next door, Glanz microwave oven for a day 120, There is food to make up . But I'm really embarrassed to change jobs just next to you ( Still too naive ).

My friend once helped the customer move the microwave oven , I can't remember what luxury car the other party is driving , Then I gave him a tip of twohundred , Envy me to death .

One day at work, I was called to the gate by the leaders of Gome to greet me with a group of little sisters ... She died .

Follow the store to promote

Meeting in the company Haidilao part time job

The second formal part-time job is to work with friends , Fishing at the bottom of the sea . We both 180, He is stronger than me , big and tall , After he joined the post, he went to brush the pot with honor ( That hot pot is really heavy ).

And me , Basically, the door is opened in the front hall , Add tea and water to the waiting guests , Prepare snacks , Play with children , Polish the guests' shoes ……

Once an aunt asked me , Would a young man be embarrassed to do this job ?

I said, , There's nothing , Make money , No shivering .

In the peak winter season , I went to the kitchen to help wash the dishes , Wash chopsticks , Wash the fruit , Garnish , Preparation of primer ……

I especially like washing fruit , Basically, those with some flaws can't be served , Throw it away , I secretly wash and eat , ha-ha .

But my buddy is still doing the glorious cooking !

The working atmosphere in Haidilao where I worked was really good , Everyone is happy , Mind to one place . I don't know other stores , My back kitchen environment is really clean .( Coordinates Tianjin Hedong Wanda )

and ! The most important point , Haidilao food is great , Work hard every day , We both gained weight instead of losing weight …

There will be a funny thing , There is a waiter in the shop who is a colleague //, Um. , I didn't know until he confessed to me . Later, I decided not to go to Haidilao to work anymore, which has a lot to do with this ……

He will leave the cake and cake for the employee's birthday to me ( Because we work part-time early ), Send me good morning and good night every day , Various greetings …… But I still deleted him indifferently ..

Our salary is 20 element / when , Although the hourly wage is not doubled , The monthly salary will be several hundred higher than what we calculated , I love bottom fishing !

Haidilao overalls and new employees 、 The name brand of regular employees Start tutoring

After junior year , Began to enter the family education industry , On the recommendation of senior brothers and sisters , First I went to a tutoring institution , I brought a lot of students in that institution . The most impressive one was a senior one in mathematics , A senior three student in Chemistry , Mathematics in the first grade of a junior high school , There is also a senior three creature ( I really teach everything in science ...)

A handsome boy in senior one mathematics Every day after class , Not warm, not fire , Indifferent , So I was impressed .

Xiao Pang of senior three chemistry I really sleep every day , Two hours of class and one and a half hours of sleep . Although he sleeps me better to earn money , But I can't get over it , Fortunately, I worked hard for hours to prepare my lessons , Knowledge points and presentation are ready , As a result, I went to bed immediately at class time , I was so angry !

A math kid in grade one Very clever , Only in grade six , Go to junior high school in advance , One word makes sense , Once you do it, you will . No homework every time , I asked him why he didn't bring it for inspection , He said he could do it ……

Later I secretly told him , Just go back and study hard , What wrong money to spend to make up lessons . result sb The parents said this to the organization boss , I was forced by my boss “ To make ” Taught a meal ...

Senior 3 student Very interesting , I firmly believe that I am a teacher, not a student ... This is a social terrorist , There are many thieves in class , The result is a mess .

But he listened to what I taught him , Give him the compulsory course of biology , His achievements in biology started from 30 The score has been raised to 60 branch . Later, he promised me , He has learned the learning method from me , There is no need to replenish the living things , I smile bitterly , Does this count as the death of the master by starvation of the disciples of the Church , But his achievement is not very high ..( alas , I have reduced another source of students for the organization ……)

Except for this institution , I also directly connect with my parents outside , This makes more money , There is no middleman to make a difference .

One of the most impressive is a little girl in physics on the second day of junior high school , Her mother said she had found several teachers for her , She doesn't like , Just love to listen to my class ( Narcissistic face ha ha ).

After giving her a semester , My parents invited me to dinner , Her father is a wine maker , So we had a drink at the dinner table , I'm not in shape yet , Her father has already patted me on the shoulder and called my little brother , He said :“ Your drinking capacity ! Take you out next time , My friends , No one can drink your !”

unfortunately , Later, when I was a senior , I'm busy with my graduation thesis , I never went back to class again .

There are so many interesting things about tutoring , There is no end here .

But after being a tutor , The real realization of wealth freedom , In the canteen, you can brush the set meal of more than 20 yuan with your eyes closed. Ha ha .

2019 After graduation in , Because the company requires , Take IELTS at home and prepare for overseas training ( If there is no epidemic ……), After IELTS test , Bored at home , I went to a part-time job . Part time fitness coach

My first job went to the gym , Part time coach , This one has been working out in college , Part-time job , Take the students to exercise , So it's not too hard to do , You can also exercise for free .

But as a part-time job , I'm not only responsible for patrolling , Also responsible for promoting , Every day I have to call the members in the membership book one by one , Ask them to exercise . Why are they , Because I am responsible for all the female members ……

Later, I talked with the gym about the formal entry , As a result, the monthly salary was only 900, I can't take private classes and I don't get a commission , It is too low , I have no choice but to resign .

At the gym The cook

The second went to a wanghong instant boiled beef shop , The face is cut , When you enter the kitchen, you become a cook . Chopping vegetables , Cut the meat , Garnish , Make snacks , Make the primer , Make staff meals …… Do everything , Although the salary is only 2400+ Royalty , But I also like cooking , I feel happy every day , You can also go to the gym in the afternoon .

It's just not going well .

The chef is also a young man , The weather is uncertain , One minute is good for you. The next minute is good for you . One day I saw his diagnosis of depression and anxiety in his circle of friends , With understanding and compassion , I'm getting used to his attitude .

And then one day , While employees are eating , He scolded me in front of everyone . I can only try to suppress my anger , I don't have so many problems , The boss looks at it every day , No, they also gave me a good evaluation .

Then the store manager said , He was just shirking responsibility for his own problems .

After doing this a few times , I can only choose to resign , I'm afraid I can't hold back my anger one day , Fight him , He is thin and weak , And depressed ……

Interior view of instant boiled beef shop , It's pretty.


Sell clothes

The third job is shopping guide , Sell clothes .

I came across it on the way to the organization interview ,3000 The basic salary of a shopping guide is a very high salary in a small county , And you can work part-time ( In addition to jewelry stores and high-end clothing stores ).

Later, organizations should not take part-time jobs , I came back here and tried to work for several months until the new year .

The store bought a fake adinike , The quality of each shipment is uneven , Some are comparable to the original , Some can only spread goods of inferior quality , There have even been Adidas clothes with Kobe on them , Kobe Bryant is still wearing nike shoes …… But the price is the same , And it's not low .

I have been on duty for several months , There have been more than five purchase disputes . But sometimes good goods have repeat customers . Most customers are based on low prices , The quality is about the same , The same attitude as the brand .

I changed the dilemma that the university could not sell telephone cards , What we sell here is the wind and water , On the one hand, I know a lot about sports brands , On the one hand, so many years of experience has also honed the skin , One day, the thieves can say , My colleagues also called me over as a sales supervisor to solve the bottleneck ..

Daily reconciliation , Most of the time, I can always sell the best performance in the whole store , Unfortunately, we only calculate the total Commission , Not a person .

20 In the Spring Festival , The sudden arrival of the epidemic makes both training and induction waiting , So after the new year, I went to Kunming to find my classmates to take a part-time job .

Although the first job only lasted a few days , But it gave me the most uncomfortable experience I have ever had . A part-time shopping guide

It was a shopping guide in the offline mall of a certain club ,17.5 element / when , There are morning, middle and evening shifts . The store manager likes to draw big cakes , The morning meeting every day is to publicize that so and so worked in the store , I took the postgraduate entrance examination , I passed the civil service exam , I took the exam and edited it ……

people tm I'm great , It has something to do with your shop ?

Besides, there are many thieves , There are no customers in the store , I want you to do “ Three minutes //”, I forgot the name , It is said every three minutes , Welcome to XXX store …… Then finish the offer ..

The rule is three minutes , But you only need ten seconds to keep silent , Shopowner , executive director , Even the old employees' eyes drifted over ……

Clean every day , The old employees also hid , Teach new employees to do all the dirty and tiring work . I have a three-day probationary period , Two more days , No overtime pay yet ..

And the store is very big , There are few shopping guides , When there are many people, one or two clothes will inevitably be taken away by others , There have also been thieves wearing their shoes , Their shoes on the shelf . And these losses , Naturally, it is the responsibility of the shopping guide ...

After working for three days , I know I am not qualified for this job , He resigned . But big factories have their own advantages , Although my probation period hasn't expired yet , But the salary was paid to me . Start teaching calligraphy

The second job taught calligraphy .

It was a chance , I saw a cosmetics company recruiting calligraphy teachers on the software , I thought it should be a private move , So I went for an interview , I didn't expect to teach the boss's children , The boss is also generous , After reaching an agreement orally , I started working .

Fourthousand a month , Besides practicing calligraphy, he is helping his children with their homework .

I have no experience in teaching calligraphy , So I collected all kinds of information on the Internet , I sorted it out and made a general 100 A hard written course of three hours .

Children are very naughty , But also listen , I also created a set of teaching methods to stimulate his interest , So his progress is very fast .

The last three months of calligraphy class are over , It's summer vacation , The boss gave it to me as soon as he was happy 5000.

He wanted to keep me as an anchor for them , Said the basic salary was for me 7000, But because the anchor has to stay up late every day during his working hours , I declined .( Health is the most important thing )

His diary and his first calligraphy assignment in May

Calligraphy homework at the end of July , Unfortunately, I didn't take his diary

In the middle of the year, I went home for the torch festival , Bored reported for a teaching Fund , At the end of September , So I began to prepare for the exam , Junior high school math exam , I don't think so , I passed the written examination . So I applied for another interview , But the interview date hasn't come yet , We'll call to work , The qualification certificate was left behind .

After the examination of teaching materials, I went to public education for a part-time job .

In a scattered way, I met several institutions and brought several students .

During this period, I started to be an online tutor , Then I did some explanation on Quark search for a period of time . Formally teach calligraphy

Then I found a formal calligraphy institution , I worked in the organization for several months .

The words written by the organization boss are really good . Remember the interview , When I came into the classroom and saw the words on the blackboard, I knew I was cold , It is impossible to pass the interview .

The boss still left me , He has always regarded me as an apprentice , It moved me a lot .

Later he said , He took several apprentices , But I don't like it very much , He hoped that I could learn calligraphy from him in the Institute , Finally, I will be the only one , But also support me to do my own work .

I also have my obsession , So he declined his kindness .

But if you can't pass the assessment at the end of the month and get fired , Maybe I can go back to the institution , Continue to develop calligraphy .

My practice , The peak of regular script , The scarlet letter was written by master

Master's chalk work

Help the organization art class write a certificate of merit

20 end of the year , Teaching in Institutions , The company suddenly notified the medical examination , train , So I quit my job at the end of the year ,21 At the end of the year, I worked for a year .

In a moment to 22 year , The epidemic is still raging , For another half year . Finally, I hope again , Everything went well at the end of the month .( See another essay for this introduction :《 The shutdown life is finally coming to an end 》

But I also figured it out —— Pass the assessment and start a career , If you don't pass the examination, you can start a family ( reckless ! A single dog dares to talk wildly !).

Although you can't have both fish and bear's paw , All roads lead to Rome .

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