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The painting interest of the humorous Garden

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The summer palace has eight interests :

— Time interest , Four seasons have different scenery

The second corridor is interesting : A long corridor connects all the buildings of the pavilions

The third floor is interesting : A two-story building in the hospital , There is only one floor outside the hospital . See my article There are many stories about the summer palace “ On the second floor ? On the first floor ?”

Four imitations : It is an imitation of Wuxi's private garden

Five water fun , Six bridges are interesting , Seven book interests , I will feel it later , Maybe write about , Here is only the eighth interest . The pictures in this article are all from the garden , This beautiful and fat looking fun can be called “ Interest seeking ” Well .

a wife lifts the tray to a level with her eyebrows to show great respect for her husband

Liang Hongcai, a scholar of Fufeng in the Eastern Han Dynasty, is a senior scholar , but “ A good man has no good wife ”, Married Meng Guang, who was very ugly , I don't think this woman's virtue is good , Live a simple life with your husband after marriage , Every time you prepare a meal, put it on the table and hold it in front of your forehead . This story preaches that we should not pay attention to the beauty of the skin but the beauty of the soul .

harmonious couple

Chang'an, Jing Zhaoyin, Zhang Chang in the Western Han Dynasty , Outside is the powerful mayor of the capital , When I came home, I drew eyebrows for my wife . When people wear small shoes at the emperor's place , The big explanation is “ Boudoir music ”. Although they are all harmonious marriages , I think Zhang Chang has a higher rank than Liang Hong , The days when people raised their eyebrows , Harmony is harmony , How boring .

Lin Chong saves his wife

《 Water margin 》 The villain Fu'an designed , Make Linchong “ Friend Lu ” Modesty lures him out to drink , I went to Lin Chong's house and lied to Mrs. Lin about her husband's illness , Seduce her to Lu Qian's house , So that Gao yamen can commit violence . Lin Chong came at the critical moment , The high yamen jumped out of the window and ran away .

In front of the hall of eternal life

An Shi's confused horse huaipo had no choice but to kill Yang Yuhuan , Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty misses his imperial concubine day and night , There is a alchemist who says that you can channelize , So Emperor Ming of Tang ordered to find the imperial concubine , I finally found the jade ring in an overseas fairy mountain , The imperial concubine asked the alchemist to convey her feelings of farewell , At other times, the alchemist asked for a voucher to win the trust of Emperor Tang , The imperial concubine mentioned the appointment with the emperor in front of the palace of eternal life on the occasion of the Double Seventh Festival of Lishan Mountain in the tenth year of Tianbao .

All's well that ends well

Six boys surrounded a fat monk who was stretching and yawning , Two of the boys carried a cloth bag with a Buddhist monk's staff , A boy sat in his pocket , The other three boys are with “ Pocket boy ” Chat . A boy's right leg stands on the ground , Lift your left leg high ,

Fat monk , Maitreya also , Also known as the cloth bag monk . Six boys , Buddhism “ Six roots ” also , Namely eye 、 ear 、 nose 、 tongue 、 body 、 It means . The elephant behind Maitreya means “ Peaceful elephant ” Yes .

The purple air comes from the East -- a propitious omen

Hand in hand 《 Moral by 》 Lao Tzu riding a green bull , Classic image . Two boys on the left , A book A man helped the old man with a crutch . On the right are two maidens who serve Mo Yan . Right and left symmetry , It embodies Taoism “ Harmony between yin and Yang ”. It is said that the Commissioner of Hangu pass saw a cloud of purple gas floating from the East , Did you really come to me, a noble man riding a green bull .

Zhong Kui married his younger sister

Zhong Kui was a Ju Zi who could not be admitted to the imperial examination because of his ugly appearance , He killed himself in anger , In the hell division, he was valued by the king of the underworld , He misses Yang Jian's sister, who is lonely and helpless , He married one of his classmates . I saw it when I was a child “ Zhong Kui married his younger sister ” It is inevitable that they will always come to “ A mouse marries a girl ”, The sending off teams are very special , Only one team is a mouse , The other team is ghost .

Lan Yu goes to dinner

The grandfather in the painting is TaoYuanming , Once he had a foot disease , It happened that the governor of Jiangzhou invited him to drink , So he sat in the basket and asked his two sons to carry him to the appointment , Since then, this new type of transportation “ Basket and ” The name of Tao Ling is associated with Tao Ling , This old man really likes drinking .

Three heroes of the wind and dust

The three figures are bearded men 、 Li Jing and Hongfu , It made a legend in the late Sui Dynasty .

Li Jing paid a visit to Sikong Yangsu , The young singer, who is in charge of the Yang family, knows the hero with her eyes , Red Buddha and Li Jing are married , A knight errant who meets a bearded man on his way , Three people make obeisance . Qiu beard gave his family property to Li Jing and his wife , Li Jing helps lishimin finally become a overlord , He became a famous politician in the early Tang Dynasty , WuChengEn also asked him to 《 Journey to the west 》 Limeng beheaded the Dragon King of the Jinghe River . The bearded man goes overseas , Become the head of a small island country .

Post Chibi fu

The Wutai case was demoted to Su Shi in Huangzhou , Visited the legendary ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms , Leave an immortal masterpiece 《 #NAME? • Chibi nostalgia 》 And the red cliff before and after . In the painting, a monk accompanied Dongpo to visit , It is said that his good friend Foyin and Huang Tingjian ,( Its name is Shangu Taoist , It is called Huangshan valley ).

Jin Jue with hairpin flowers

Dongpo cloud “ People are not ashamed of themselves , The flower should be ashamed of the old head ” It seems that this man also loved beauty in ancient times . In the past, I used to stick Zhong Kui on the Dragon Boat Festival , Because he can suppress demons , It also protects the five poisons . This is the pomegranate flower that sister Zhong and her child put on uncle's head , Why is Durian ? It's red and bright , Second, the Dragon Boat Festival is in season .

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