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The legendary life of liuxikui, a famous actor of the Republic of China

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the Republic of China era , There is a famous actor named liuxikui , She is as famous as Mei Lanfang, a master of Beijing opera , Five presidents competed with each other but couldn't , Finally, she married a man with tuberculosis , Liu Xikui, who was widowed at a young age, never remarried . Why is the fate of a generation of beauties so ill fated ? What did she go through ?

Liuxikui ,1894 Born in Cangzhou, Hebei Province 、 Zhaizi Town, Nanpi County 、 Heilong Village , Former name: liuzhihao , Later it was renamed Guiyuan . she 8 I began to study drama in Tianjin at the age of , There, I learned from Laosheng Hualian in Beijing opera , Dao Ma Dan , Specialize in Kung Fu with full Yang .

10 At the age of, I took songyongzhen, a Hebei Bangzi actor, as my teacher , She is gifted with intelligence and hard work , It soon came to the fore . After graduation , Liuxikui started in Harbin and Tianjin 、 Shanghai and other places began to perform ,1915 In, liuxikui performed with Mei Lanfang for the first time , After the performance , Tanxipei sighs :“ My man is not as good as Mei Lanfang , Women are not as good as liuxikui ”,1918 year , Mei Lanfang won the title of "King actor" , Liuxikui won the badge of King Kunling .

It is said that “ People are afraid of famous pigs ”, With liuxikui's great success , It has also attracted many salivators . Up to the dignitaries 、 Warlord politicians , Down to the common people . The most prominent suitors are the five presidents , They are YuanShikai 、 Xu Shichang 、 Cao Kun 、 Li Yuanhong 、 Feng Guozhang , among , YuanShikai and Caokun pursue the most intense and shameless .

1915 , Yuan Shikai, who became the great president, was in high gear , While secretly preparing to be emperor , She moved her mind again , Liuxikui became his prey .

One day , Yuan Shikai, in the name of the President , Invite her to Zhongnanhai to sing , Liuxikui had to obey . Liuxikui was dressing backstage , An attendant broke into , Say someone invited .

When I arrived in an empty room which was decorated with extraordinary beauty , Liuxikui realized something was wrong , Asked sternly :“ Who asked for me ? What can I do for you ?” YuanShikai came out of the inner room , Looking at her, she smiled maliciously :“ Nothing , Please feel free to talk .”

Liuxikui quickly stepped back , Say :“ Since it's OK , I have to make up .” Then he turned and left , Don't give Yuan Shikai any affection . Yuan Shikai sighed after a long pause :“ This woman is not easy to provoke !”

And Cao Kun , Once harassed liuxikui in every way , Liu Xikui was forced to stay off the stage for two years . Until Cao Kun used the name of his 60th birthday , Liuxikui had to go on stage .

After singing , Caokun still wants to do things that are not easy , Cuichengchi tells Cao Kun's wife about this , She was very angry , Let liuxikui go , This is the end .

Liuxikui is not willing to lose his dignity , And can't get rid of the endless harassment of politicians and warlords . therefore , She realized that only getting married , In order to be safe .

Because cuichengchi rescued him from the tiger , This made liuxikui feel good about him , Soon , Liuxikui saw in the newspaper that cuichangzhou exposed the corruption of military pay by his superiors , I look at him with new eyes .

From that impassioned writing 、 In the language of every word , Liuxikui felt the integrity and righteousness of this middle-aged man . In this man's writing , She saw a shadow worth trusting .

Cuichengchi is a director under the army chief Lujing . Over year 40, Suffering from tuberculosis , And I've got a wife . When he heard that liuxikui was going to marry himself , It feels like a dream . How many dignitaries want to marry liuxikui , Were shut out . Now? , Liuxikui married him voluntarily , Which man can resist such temptation ?

But he knew , I am in my twilight years , Ugly , And his wife , Not worthy of liuxikui's youth and beauty . therefore , He had a plan in mind , I found a handsome and burly orderly to replace me , I met uncle liuxikui who came for a blind date .

Uncle liuxikui didn't see through the lies , Tell liuxikui , Cuichengchi is a talented person , In the prime of life . So the marriage was settled .

That's it , At the age of 27, liuxikui became cuichengchi's bride . And specially held a grand wedding , Let those Beijing and Tianjin dignitaries and dandies who pursue her completely break their minds .

On the day of marriage , Liuxikui found out that her husband was old and ugly , And there is also tuberculosis . But it is too late to regret , Only accept your fate .

Caokun heard that cuichengchi married liuxikui , Get desperation , Not only will cuichengchi be relieved of all his powers , He also collaborated with Lu Jinshi to harm cuichengchi .

On the fourth day of marriage, Cui Chengchi was transferred away , Increase official duties , It makes him travel to Jiangxi all the year round , fujian , Henan and other places , Get together with liuxikui less and leave more .

1925 year , Cuichengchi became ill from accumulated labor , Let go of the world .

This year , Liuxikui has just turned 30 , After her husband died, liuxikui was asked to remain a widow , No remarriage , The Cui family adopted a child for her , Let her watch the child for the rest of her life . For a young woman , How cruel !

Forced and helpless, liuxikui had to live in seclusion in the countryside with his children , In order to get rid of the entanglement of others . Therefore , Liuxikui gave up his beloved stage , He gave up his beloved opera , Living in seclusion behind closed doors , This residence is 20 many years . Until after Liberation , At the invitation of Premier Zhou Enlai, liuxikui , He came out of the mountain again and began to perform on the stage .

1950 In, liuxikui attended a banquet held by the Ministry of culture , Premier Zhou offered a toast to liuxikui , And suggested :“ You should pass on your skills to future generations ”! Liu Xikui faced Premier Zhou's warm invitation , Promise to teach , Continue to carry forward Beijing opera .

1950 year , Liuxikui was hired to teach at the Chinese opera school , As a teacher of Hebei Bangzi class , old age , Liuxikui, who is suffering from diabetes, is suffering from pain , Eventually heart failure , On 1964 year 4 month 3 He died of illness in the people's Hospital of funei Street on August . At the age of 70 year . And buried in Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery , According to liuxikui's last wish , The opera school donated all her property and money to the state .

Liuxikui's life has gone through vicissitudes and ups and downs , She has made immortal contributions to the history of Chinese Quyi ! In those turbulent times , Be unmoved by the temptation of interests , Fearless in the face of the pressure of power , She's clean 、 People admire the spirit of coming out of the mud without contamination !

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