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Filial piety in the present

2022-06-24 08:20:55Photography

      Some people say , The world is cold . Some people say , The world is warm . Some people often say , Love without words . This word can be used to describe a mother . No matter the storm , No matter the ice or snow , No matter how cold or hot , Pick us up every day .

        Prepare breakfast for us every morning and evening .

        night , The man who covered us is mother .

      Before school , Remind us to drink more water 、 The man who listens carefully in class is his mother .

        In this world , There is no love , no way .

When the test is not good , Mother's words emboldened us ; When our hearts are helpless , Love , It is a sweet spring slowly poured into the ; Love , It is a beam of warm sunshine sprinkled into the dark soul ; Love , It is a hope seedling that breaks through the soil in the desolate desert .

        If the world is short of love , It will become a wasteland .

        Take action , from now on , Thank you mother !

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