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After reading 365 books a year, I did these six things

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Read it in a year 365 This book , I did this 6 thing

A friend on the platform set the goal of one book a day , After I saw it, I left an interactive message , He said he had finished reading last year 365 This book , You asked me what experience I had , I am interested in finishing reading it in one year 365 The process of this book 、 Sort it out , Maybe I love reading 、 Friends who want to read help me , Even if you can't help others , You can also let yourself reconsider .

Think back to last year, I decided to finish reading in the next year 365 The goal of this book is , There is no specific way to read , I just want to finish my first reading task , At the beginning , It is really to read a book in one day , And in the first twoorthree months , The experience of reading is not particularly good . Later, I found my own reading direction and rhythm , Now to sum up , I have achieved at least the following 6 In terms of , So I finished reading for one year easily 365 Plan of the .

  1. Read books that interest you

Everyone's interest in reading will be different , I am the one who has to work again 、 Do housework again 、 And a woman with two children , Want to be in all kinds of trivia every day , Read a book in a day , I think my head is big . Such a state , If you hold a book that you are not very interested in , It was a nightmare .

The best way , Is to read the books that you are particularly interested in . Like myself , I especially like reading unofficial history , I like reading novels , I like reading books about family education , I like reading celebrity stories , But I can't read prose 、 I can't read the book of financial management 、 I can't read mathematical and chemical books . I'll go to the bookstore and look through the samples of best sellers , As long as I see the content that interests me , Will sit in the bookstore and finish reading at one sitting .

2. Insist on using “ Vertical reading ”

First heard “ Vertical reading ” It was in the writing class of Master Liu who had a book , I'd like to briefly introduce . So-called “ Vertical reading ”, But it can be understood as ten lines at a glance , Use your eyes as a scanner , Scan from the top to the bottom of a page , Just catch those “ key word ”, Just understand the general meaning of the author on that page .

such as : The passage I wrote above , use “ Vertical reading ” Reading words , You don't need to read every word to be ideal , Just grab “ read ten lines at one glance ”“ scanning ”“ key word ”“ understand ”“ What do you mean ” That's all right. . that , There's a total of 112 A paragraph of words , Just grab 15 A word , Will understand the “ Vertical reading ” The basic meaning of , It doesn't affect the understanding of the whole article at all .

3. Read no more than 240 A paper book with pages

Every book on the market , Especially bestsellers , Basically, it is to clarify a main point or idea , Application “ Vertical reading ”, The average person in two hours , I'm sure I can finish reading one 240 A book within pages . Reading best-selling paper books has another advantage , The language of the best seller is very easy to understand , Most suitable for “ Vertical reading ”, You can also quickly absorb some of the latest knowledge and views .

I like reading books , Novels are my favorite , But a novel at least has 30 swastika , If there is no 4 Hours of free time , I don't usually choose to read , You can't read long articles because you like them best , And forget the task of reading one book a day . therefore , I will choose no more than 240 Page paper book reading .

Sometimes because of time 、 Emergencies in work and life , I can't squeeze out two hours to read , I would choose illustrated biographies or work introductions , such as 《CHANEL》(《 Chanel T Taiwan show 》), This book looks very thick , In fact, illustrations are more than words , Standing in the corner of the bookstore , You can read it with interest . If you decide to finish reading a book the next day , Never be more serious with yourself , You don't have to finish reading the classics 、 A full text book , Is really reading , As long as it is a famous book , Even picture books , We can also learn from it .

What matters is not what you read , It's about cashing in on yourself “ Read a book in a day ” Commitment , Don't let yourself lose heart , When there is not enough time and energy , Even if you choose to finish reading a fairy tale book , It also injects a sense of self-confidence into your heart : see , No matter how busy and tired , I can finish the reading task every day . My own experience tells me : Before the habit of reading is formed , Keep reading a book every day ( No matter what the book is ), It seems more important than reading itself .

4. Mute your phone for at least two hours every day

I read it in a year 365 In this book , Only one 《 Toukon Heat 》 It's an e-book I read online , The rest are all paper books . Why choose paper books , Because it is not easy to be disturbed . Read e-books , Or use your cell phone , Or use kindle And so on , Not to mention good or bad for eyes , Just talking about reading with electronic products , It's hard for me to finish reading a book without any distractions , You will be interrupted by the news that pops up .

I read paper books every day , Will mute the phone , Put it far away from me after reverse deduction , thus , I can't hear the phone , I can't see the brightness of the mobile phone , Not because reading a Book , I heard the phone ring , Either actively or passively answer , And it won't be because the mobile phone screen is on , Think about whether there is important information , Need to reply in time , I can't hear you anyway 、 I can't see it , Even if the mobile phone has been turned upside down , I will still finish reading my book .

5. Get up early , Set the time for reading every day

Maybe you'll ask : Mute the phone for two hours , If something big happens in your work and life , What if I can't find someone ? This question should be considered in reverse . After all, the probability of major events in life is very small , As long as we spend our reading time , Put it in a suitable period of time , Stay away from your cell phone for two hours , There is no problem at all .

At first, I chose to read before going to bed , At that time, the work was finished , The housework is over , The children are all asleep , It seems that the whole world is quiet , After the phone is muted and buckled, it doesn't affect anything at all , Just simply don't let yourself be disturbed . Later, I found that the experience of staying up late reading was not good at all , Because the day is almost over , I haven't finished my reading task yet , I will subconsciously worry , When I wake up the next day, I can't remember the book I read the night before , My mind is in a mess .

Then I began to force myself to get up early , Now in the morning 6 Get up around o'clock , At this time, even if you do not adjust the mute on your mobile phone, you can reverse the button , Probably no one will come to you , So you can read at ease during this period . Even if the book selected that day is a little thick or difficult to read , In the early hours , I can read more than half of them , The rest of the small part , In the next day , I always read it by fits and starts .

  1. Record the titles of the books you read every day

When I started my reading program , I bought a blank page notebook from Sisyphus bookstore . Application “ Bullet note taking ”, I designed several sections of notes . One of the sections is : Have read . From the serial number 1 Start recording , Every time you finish reading a Book , Write down the corresponding serial number and title , You don't have to write it down in your notebook every day , Just record the title of the first book you have read in time .

When I see the number and title of the book increasing day by day , After the notebook is filled with the books you have read , That kind of feeling , Too wonderful to find the right words to describe . This big tree is also “ Success diary ” It's one of those , It will greatly increase your confidence , Make yourself feel like reading a book in a day , I am completely competent . Can also be in “ Have read ” in , Take a look at the title , Can recall the general contents of the book .

above 6 In terms of , It guarantees that I have finished reading in one year 365 This book , In addition to this 6 In terms of , Of course, there are other small ways , They are fine tuned according to their own life and work , I hope I can bring some reference and thinking to my friends , May all those who love reading , Can find their own way of reading .

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