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King of Huigan, Tujia magic tea

2022-06-24 09:03:51Life journey

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The place where I went to the countryside was a small village under Dahe Town, Laifeng County , Laifeng County is named after the legend of the phoenix phoenix flying from Xiangfeng mountain . It is the first Tujia Autonomous County in China 、 The birthplace of the original Waving Dance , The hometown of national folk art …… The terrain here is relatively flat , The mountain is not very high , Mostly hills , But graceful , It's very nice ; There is a lot of water , There are waterfalls everywhere 、 The stream 、 Creek , A smart look . The history here is vast and thick 、 Culture has a long history ; This is an ecological home where people and nature are in harmony 、 It is a health paradise where the body and soul desire to live and return .

Mountain delicacies , Water cultivation Lingbao , This selenium rich fertile soil , It's crested ginger 、 Arbutus 、 Tung oil of golden silk 、 It is a place where genuine specialties such as camellia oil are gathered . Laifeng climate 、 The soil is very suitable for the growth of tea , Its tea is also of high quality . There are many ways for villagers to make drinks from tea , In addition to making tea directly from tea , You can also make oil tea soup . Tongzhi 《 Laifeng County annals 》 Record in :“ Natives fry soybeans 、 Corn 、 Rice flower 、 tofu 、 sesame 、 Green scorched objects , Water intake and oil , Boil tea to make soup , Pay tribute to , It is called Camellia oleifera .”

It turns out that I especially like to drink oil tea soup , When you come to Laifeng, you must drink this oil tea soup , Fried soybeans inside 、 Baogu is very chewy , It tastes delicious , however , This soup is brewed with green tea , Green tea contains caffeine and theophylline , It can make people concentrate , The brain stays excited , So as to achieve the effect of refreshing . I can't sleep every time I drink green tea , therefore , Gradually, I don't drink Camellia soup very much .

Rattan tea can improve sleep . Vine tea does not contain caffeine, a kind of excitatory compound , It can also improve the quality of sleep , Promote sleep . therefore , I dare to drink rattan tea . Laifeng is the best place for selenium rich vine tea to grow . The forest is thick , It's warm and humid all year round 、 mist , Tujia selenium rich vine tea grows here ! I remember a few years ago, we planted vine tea in the countryside here . There is a rattan tea processing company next to the resettlement house where I live .

Vine tea is commonly known as berry tea 、 Dragon Boat tea 、 Longevity tea 、 Longxu tea ( Also known as fairy grass ), Lu Yu, the tea master of the Tang Dynasty, was in 《 Tea classics 》 It is named rattan tea , Later generations have continued to use this good name to this day . According to legend : Shennong tasted a hundred herbs , 72 poisons a day , Get tea and solve it . This “ Tu ” Actually, it refers to the ancient vine tea , Not today's tea .

Vine tea tastes sweet and light , Cool sex , The main efficacy is : Three falls : A drop in blood pressure , Lower blood sugar , Reduce blood viscosity . Three resistance : Anti tumor , Anti blood clot , anti-aging . Three adjustments : Regulating stomach and intestines , Regulate immunity , Regulate blood lipid . It can also clear away heat and poison , Reduce summer heat and generate body fluid , Dispel wind and dampness , Strong muscles and bones , Antiphlogistic diuresis , Antiarrhythmia , Anti myocardial ischemia , Protect your face , Alleviate the effects of alcohol .

What is amazing is , be known as “ tea ” There are many Chinese herbal medicines , The taste is generally not good , The medicine tastes too strong , It really doesn't accord with the description of tea in people's mind . Only rattan tea has a fragrance 、 Sweet and refreshing , Drink a cup of sweet throat , Full of saliva , A long aftertaste . It not only has the same frying process as tea , And it can emit refreshing tea fragrance .

Tengcha is the most famous natural selenium rich Tengcha produced by Feng . In history, rattan tea was used as a treasure for chieftains to pay tribute to emperors , Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty “ Pay tribute every year 20 Jin ”, And give a name “ The grass drunk the dragon's beard “, This is also known as vine tea “ rush ” The origin of , It is also Emperor Guangxu's imperial health tea . It is a genuine herbal tea .

The formation of rattan tea , The appearance is white , Like white moss growing on the rock surface , There is a faint poetic feeling of White Dew as frost . Don't underestimate the white frost , The magic of vine tea lies in the white frost . White frost is the unique flavonoid of Tengcha , Mainly dihydromyricetin . So once dry , Flavonoids will crystallize and adhere to the leaf surface , Form a white frost , This is it. “ Frosting in case of fire ”, It is a natural thing , The thicker the crystal , The higher the flavone content .

Rattan tea is not like the tea you often drink , It is more like a kind of medicine . Ordinary tea , The main ingredient is tea polyphenols , Rattan tea is the same as many traditional Chinese medicines , The ingredients are plant flavonoids . Like Salvia miltiorrhiza 、 ginkgo leaf 、 Gegen 、 The effective component of many traditional Chinese medicines, such as seabuckthorn, is flavonoids . The content of total flavonoids in Ampelopsis grossedentata is high , It's gingko leaf 10 times , Propolis 45 times , Gynostemma pentaphyllum 15 times . It can be called the king of plant flavonoids .

The color of vine tea soup is clear green or orange yellow as the tender leaves , Bright and clear . Filter out the tea , The soup is clear and bright , Almost no insoluble matter can be seen . In addition to flavonoids in rattan tea , There are also a wide variety of organic substances , So the taste is very rich . Among all the famous teas that can be called delicious , Rattan tea has the most unique taste . It seems a little bitter at first , After a while, the hair grows from the root of the tongue , Then spread to the tip of the tongue , The whole mouth is filled with spring . The aroma is long , The teeth and cheeks are fragrant , gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind , So rattan tea has “ The king of Huigan ” The laudatory name .

Today, I met boss Xiang of Tengcha processing company at the gate of the resettlement room , He's a local , Several rattan tea processing companies have been established in Laifeng . Very friendly to the boss , I took a look at the production line of Tengcha company , This equipment is worth more than one million yuan 、 The facility is the poverty alleviation cooperation between the East and the West in previous years , It is a gift from Hangzhou to help our poor areas .

Our village has 11 A set of ,1300 Many people , Most of the people at home are old people left behind 、 Women and children , Young people have gone out to work , There are not many industries in the village , Only Teng tea factory and greenhouse , Village cadres wholeheartedly protect these two industries . Vine tea industry is really a good project , If we develop it well , It can drive the economic development of the village , Increase the employment of labor force .

Rural work is dealing with all kinds of people , In addition to the local village cadres 、 a farmer 、 Cadres of various departments in the town 、 Leaders and so on , We have to deal with entrepreneurs .

Unlike us as doctors , Although the contact is also the third class people , however , Their common identities are patients , They will all ask for you , Most of the time , You will be respected by them . This is not the case in the countryside , You have to learn how to deal with different people , You have to get used to finding the key point in a myriad of tasks and tasks , You can't just grab your eyebrows and moustaches .

This job is really difficult for me , however , It is also a kind of learning and exercise , You can contact different people , From them, I learned many excellent qualities and shining things . Like the king of Huigan here 、 Tujia magic tea —— Like rattan tea , Take root in this land honestly , Absorb the essence of heaven and earth , growing , Eventually become a friend who is beneficial to people's physical and mental health .

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