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"The president arrives" Lin waixiumu chapter 254 pulling nails

2022-06-24 09:15:22Life journey

      《 The president arrived 》

        Xiumu outside the forest

  Chapter 254   Pull out the nail

“ Brother , To Taiping County !” Sister Hua is very concerned about Lu Yi ,“ This time, the governors of these branches assigned by the provincial bank , They are young and inexperienced , The provincial people concluded that , This is a ‘ Children's group ’ Go to the countryside .”

“ The child is old , It's time to play . You can't do anything at home ,”

“ Taiping County is hard to do ? Xiao Hai just can't go on , How many times have you found it , Is to return to Sancai city , Don't pick any positions , It is said that the people in that place are very evil ?”

“ It doesn't matter , Who does evil belong to , I turned on the office light the next day , Go to the gate of the sub branch , The man who sent a message to Xiaohai followed me , Ask me why I left the light on , Save electricity .”

“ Oh, dear. , How could I have come across such a thing ? The local people are too rampant , This is the whole thing just now ? Xiaohai also told the director about this , I feel that there is no guarantee of personal safety when I stay in Taiping sub branch , This is also the main reason why the Department transferred him back . It was supposed to send Xiao Ren to Taiping County , Xiao Ren was afraid to go when she heard about it , Ask Ying Chu for mercy , Say nothing to Taiping County , I don't want to go anywhere else , Get it around , I transferred you to Taiping County . This situation , It's not easy for you to work there ? There is always someone staring at me behind my back , How do you do this job ? or , You are also active , Don't stay there .” Sister Hua really thinks of Lu Yi , First, I was falsely accused several times in Baifu sub branch , Although the CBRC 、 The letter forwarded by the head office was verified , It's a false accusation , But it is always bad to have frequent complaint letters .

One side keeps the other side , No, let's go somewhere else . Based on years of experience in personnel work , A unit with a suing gene , This habit cannot be changed . Baifushi sub branch is like this , The same is true of Taiping County sub branch , This job transfer , For Lu Yi , It's a shit pit, a urine pit , It doesn't mean much. . Such a transfer , The organization is also extremely irresponsible .

“ Don't worry , It's the same everywhere .”

“ Can it be the same ? The man who secretly troubles the leader is enough , Now work , Who can promise not to make any mistakes ? If there is any defect, file a complaint , The current policy is to investigate any complaint , How disgusting !” Sister Hua is worried , That's all right. ?

“ Don't worry , There will never be such messages again .”

“ What happened? ? What did you do ?”

“ Hua Jie , I didn't do anything . Just returned a text message , He went back to his home address .” Lu Yi laughed , Think about that fool's facial expression , Just laugh .

“ Home address ? How do you know ? What the hell did you do ?” Sister Hua is completely confused , How is that possible? ? People hide in the dark , You can't even see , You don't know who it is , How can I know my home address ?

“ hi , Xiao Hai told me about it , I asked him to find someone to locate the phone and find out , He didn't dare . I asked him to send me the phone number for texting , Find a friend to locate him . Enlighten Xiao Hai several times , He didn't dare , One mind goes back to Sancai , No more . This time the fool is still playing this game , I just went back to his home address , by the way , I also added a sentence .”

“ What did you say ? Forget it , You dare say anything .”

“ I'm not talking nonsense , I mean , The child's Chinese performance is not good , Especially the composition , More coaching .”

“ You even investigated other people's children ?”

“ I don't have that spare time , Such a small county , It is a matter of great probability that the composition is not good , I just cheated him .”

“ Ha ha ha , It scared people to death. , Anyone who sees this message is confused . Home address know , Children know about their studies , What else don't you know ! It's not that he's spying on you , This is how you control him in all directions . brother , What's your way ? How can I have this skill ?” Sister Hua suddenly remembered something deep in her heart , My heart is surging , Difficult to recover .

“ What can I do . Resource integration , Make the best of your skills , Can you sing or write , I can ! You can write without being published , I can ! You can monitor your tiredness , I need it ! I gave him my phone number , ten minutes , I got my home address .”

“ ten minutes ? So fast ?”

“ Is slow , Enter the phone number , Just go back . She also listened for a while , Tell me his last name ?”

“ What's the matter? ?”

“ The boy and his daughter-in-law called him by name and scolded him for not doing his homework , It's that simple , I know the name .”

“ brother , That is to say , You know who this man is ! Why not just send him his name , How direct that is ? What a shock ! That means you know who he is , Shoot directly , Let him dare not act recklessly in the future ?” Women are women after all , What can be accomplished overnight ? Pat to death ? What are you playing with ! This is a game , Lu Yi doesn't believe that texting is his own game , No employee can 24 Focus on yourself for hours . This person will show off in a closed circle , Lu Yi's aim was to strike at the so-called circle .

“ by the way , Did that person come to you ?”

“ Officially, I don't know who he is , I just said , Another SMS , No matter who sent it, I think it's all from him , Strangulation !”

“ The result? ? What's wrong with you , You can actually kill people ?”

“ I won't kill him , I don't do anything against the law . Hanging means all things , Including the wife 、 children , Including everything . I have organizational power , they , Just an ant .”

“ The elder sister , I am a second-class psychological consultant , With certificate ! According to what I learned , Elder sister , You have something to ask me , perhaps , Want to discuss something with me ?”

Sister Hua is silent .

Sister Hua's silence depressed Lu Yi , I suddenly remembered the saying ,“ The cock chases the hen , Fuck you !” It's OK to say about the unit , But if it's a family dispute , That would be inappropriate .

“ The elder sister , There's a new love ?”

“ roll ! How old am I , What's new !” Sister Hua has a firm attitude , But it sounds like life is a little short 、 A sense of meaning .

“ So what happened ? My brother-in-law is dishonest ? Don't worry , I cleaned him up , Drink him to death !” This relationship , Outsiders are hard to meddle in , At most , That's it. “ I drank him to death !”

“ Go ahead. , Your brother-in-law, I believe . He is also assigned by the company , Like you , The Deputy refused to accept , I don't agree with you , Write a false accusation against him .” The voice of sister Hua is dense , Soak up the surrounding world .

Since sister Hua thinks it is “ False accusation letter ”, that ,“ Brother-in-law ” It must be pure and clean !

“ The elder sister , What do you need me to do ?” Check the phone number , Check the mailing address to see who the sender is , It's a little hard .

“ I wanted to put up with it , But that kid doesn't know what to do , Give me a call , Call me on my cell phone , Tell me that your brother-in-law broke shoes at work , Also say Zhang sanlisi , You say? , It's not that his mother is fooling people too much !” This move is too fucking damaging , Women in front of feelings , Often lose their senses . especially , And there's a his mother “ Sisters Zhang San and Li Si ”!

“ The elder sister , You won't believe it ? In this environment , Say men have affairs 、 Break your shoes . It's all the usual way !” Lu Yi is still for the one who has never met “ Brother-in-law ” Feel wronged , It's not worth it .

“ Where do you want to go ? I can't believe your brother-in-law ! I just want to know , Who's that kid on the phone !” Women's logic , Nobody can figure it out . however , What needs to be done is , Find the caller .

“ Sister , He said it was a mess , What did you say ?”

“ What do I say ? I asked him , who are you ? Why are you talking nonsense ?”

“ He said I couldn't stand it , I just want to maintain justice !”

by ! justice ? I worked hard , That is to say, we have arrived at Liuhe evil valley 、 Taiping County sub branch ? Who the hell said something ?

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