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Have you seen Guodegang's calligraphic works? It is not so much a work of calligraphy as a painting

2022-06-24 09:24:10Photographic skills

Rare Guodegang calligraphy 8 picture , Feast for the eyes , Quite good , Net friend : This is painting !

I saw it on the Internet recently 8 A calligraphy work by Mr. Guodegang , Find it interesting , So I would like to share with you . For these calligraphy works , We can first look at the comments of some netizens , As shown in the figure above . Many netizens said that these calligraphy works of Guodegang belong to the category of fine arts , Not calligraphy . Many netizens agree that this is painting , Not calligraphy , It doesn't go with calligraphy . Another netizen said , This level of calligraphy is not as good as brother Zhu Zhiwen's , Is that true ?

When we see Guodegang's calligraphy works , We will find that , His handwriting is very interesting . In the style of calligraphy, it is not traditional calligraphy , It is a modern style of writing , be supposed to “ The style of the river and the lake ”, There seems to be no problem . Moreover, such a calligraphy font , It is also very consistent with his own occupation and nature , Compare “ Funny ”. Of course, here it is “ Funny ” Not that his calligraphy level is not high , It is a kind of fun that his font brings to people .

From what he wrote 8 From a calligraphy work , It does look like a painting , Because his words are very “ draw ” It means , At the same time, look at the skills of his pen , You can also see . But is his calligraphy really inferior to that of Mao Ge Zhu Zhiwen ?

In the eyes of the master of the distant Shishu Pavilion , Guodegang's calligraphy is not rooted in traditional calligraphy , But Guodegang is really a man full of traditional culture . He has been practicing brush calligraphy for several years , His writing is also very deep , His calligraphy level is far above Zhu Zhiwen , There is no doubt about this .

Guodegang's calligraphy , Although many are “ draw ” Coming out , But one of his strengths is , We can't see that he has “ Rephrase ”, It's all written in one stroke , At this point , Better than many calligraphers . And we say his words are like paintings , That's because of the way he uses his pen , The strokes of characters are written , Do not respect the ancient law , And use the skills of painting , So it's a painting .

however , Fortunately, Guodegang's calligraphy works are of certain ornamental value , Not to mention the level , But it can bring people a happy mood , It can be said to be a feast for the eyes ! I don't know what the book friends here think ?

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