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Kunshan issued a sick leave note

2022-06-24 09:24:13Photographic skills

in addition , It rains a lot in summer , The air humidity is high , The heat capacity of water is much greater than that of dry air , This is also an important reason for the muggy weather .

The subtropical high strengthened in July and August , Under the control of the subtropical high , The downdraft inside the high pressure , Make the weather clear and cloudless , It is good for sunlight , Ground radiation warming , The weather is even hotter .

Summer evil in dog days is very powerful , It's hard to get through three volts , Will leave the root of the disease !

Actually , quite a lot “ The root cause ” It all falls in the dog days .

It is said that ,“ Enter the summer heat , Steam up and boil down !”

Plus after the fall , The high temperature 、 Hyperthermia 、 High humidity “ Sauna day ” Will appear frequently , The heat waves hit , The heat is unbearable .

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