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Life needs a plan B

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There are only two sources of human happiness : One is the inheritance of genes , Is to have children ; One is influence , Is the dissemination of original ideas .

Life needs a B plan

use B Plan to create values and advantages that the outside world cannot deprive

Schopenhauer's famous saying : Life is a swing between pain and boredom .

I prefer to evolve it into : People alive , To fight boredom .

Don't believe it , You can observe the people around you , How many times can we really tolerate boredom .

If the mobile phone is not around , Many people are afraid that they can't stand being alone for a minute !

So no matter when , We can't help but find ourselves something to do , Whether it is external entertainment stimulation , Or internal learning creation , In fact, it is our way to fight against boredom , But the former is to meet people's entertainment needs , The latter can make people different .

Life needs a B plan

From the span of life , One day , You'll stop running , Put down the work .

In the face of a lot of leisure in old age , If our attention is always led by external livelihood and work , When there is no need to rush about for this one day , We will naturally fall into the boring price segment of swing curse .

Many retired people , It is precisely because there is no preparation in advance B plan , Only after leaving the post , Become overwhelmed , Depressed , Even rapid aging .

And those who have been prepared will become very calm , Even more enjoy the leisure time .

After all, work will leave us one day , Even some uncontrollable external factors , Could take it away .

So whenever , We all have to work outside our jobs , Develop one or more new skills , To create one or more values and advantages that the outside world cannot deprive .

Don't say you don't have time , As long as you have time to look at your cell phone 、 Play a game 、 Talk about gossip 、 Playing mahjong , You will have time to run your life B plan .

Life needs a B plan

A first-class life is not rich , But awareness ;

Top life is not luxury , It's creation .

Life needs a B plan

When one can awaken ( significance ),

It can also lead to creation ( value ) On the way ,

He must be happy ,

At least not confused and painful ,

Try to be a useful person to others 、

Someone who is badly needed by others !

Life needs a B plan

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