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Ideal 30 days

2022-06-24 09:48:29Photography

Riding that year  

Listen to chenhongyu 《 Ideal 30 days 》, Memories are pulled back to childhood , Scenes of the past unfold like movies .

A car came after the rain , Driving through the pale Twilight , The old tin leaves for the south, and the lover is no longer there , Listen to the poetry radio station under the thick smoke .

Youth is drunk again , A nameless bosom , To gather and disperse generously by playing , But I can't get to the right platform .

Just sing , Eyes squint , And the collapse of tears , Just the presence that didn't arrive .

Wading through the water Go to the small sandbag in the middle of the river

In his twenties, he devoted himself to his busy work as soon as he graduated , From then on , For the ideals that have never been forgotten , Fade away , Even now I can't remember , What was the original ideal . Instead, tea, rice, oil and salt are trivial , Trivial complaints , It's a greeting of pushing a cup for a lamp 、 A contest of wine and preparation .

Now , We have to deal with all kinds of things every day , Sometimes busy like a top , Sometimes drunk like a dead dog . Habitual smile , Like a mask carved on the face , Have long been with the body , Unable to split .

In woods

Happiness can only be achieved through struggle . Another shot of chicken blood , Keep moving bricks .

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