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"Ren Zhihua Hua" 15 "gentleman"

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“ Ren Zhihua's words ” Fifteen 《 upright gentlemen 》

It seems now that I understand why Lu Xun hated so much “ upright gentlemen ” People , Not “ To beat a drowning dog with pain ” Oh, No .

      So-called “ upright gentlemen ” That is to say, we have advantages , Or be a professor in a University , Or occupy a position in some way , As a result, I got carried away , So domineering , Spread some specious rumors , In the seemingly professional , Each shows its rudeness and smallness .

      It's terrible , The so-called major is often not worth mentioning , Only he can be a treasure , Show off your professionalism everywhere , say , Criticize from a professional point of view . More frightening , Seeing people alone , Flattery and flattery , Purgative inflammation , arouse scorn .

      And to pretend to be professional , I can boast , Other people can't sing , There is no such reason ! This is the spirit of learning , It is unbearable , Should borrow Lu Xun's sharp pen , Beat it up .

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