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        The elder of chivalry , For the state and the people .

                                                —— Jin yong

              Chapter one : Mysterious falling objects of Populus euphratica forest

        The sun is burning , Light up a deserted sandy land in Inner Mongolia , It's bright , Stinging eyes . A winding river flows slowly , Like a bright ribbon . For one thousand years , In the silent passage of time , In the sand on both sides of the river, one stubborn Populus euphratica tree after another grows . Thousands of crooked Populus euphratica trees gather together , There is a vast forest .

        Populus euphratica in the forest , Some leaves are crimson , Some are red , Some are yellow , And green , Leaves of various colors are interwoven , The halo of leaves is gorgeous , It's like a masterpiece made by a drunken painter who sprinkles colorful paint on the canvas , It seems chaotic , In fact, after staring carefully , We can see that the paintings are full of vitality , Disorder is actually the overlapping of order .

        One evening in October , The sky and the earth are fading , This Populus euphratica forest was silent in the dim night . In silence , A hook like crescent moon slowly climbed up the treetops , Shed a little silver , It adds to the mystery of the world at this moment .

        The woods were quiet , It's a seductive night , It reminds people of Wang Wei, a poet of the Tang Dynasty “ The bright moon and pine trees , Qingquan stone is superior ” The best song of all time , Quite a bit of Zen .

        There is no lazy birdsong in the woods , There was no insect chirping , There is no low voice , It can be called perfect , This is what a quiet place should look like .

        Over the woodland , Full of bright stars , Emitting a cool light .

        A wandering black cat wagged its tail , My little feet are treading on the forest path full of fallen leaves , Shake your body , Swagger into the woods , put on airs . In the dark , Its amber eyes float in the air , It reminds people of Cheshire cats who often grin , Very strange . It swam through the woods , A little silver light penetrates the gap of the leaves , Sprinkle it on the shiny black fur , Seems to be a star on stage , Full of pride .

        Follow the smell of soil , It follows the river that shuttles through the woods , Come to a shallow lake . On this summer night , The evening wind blew gently , Crumple a pool of ripples . The wind stopped . The curved moon is reflected on the level water , Just at this time , A small red fish sways its tail , Stir up water waves .

        It gets excited , Let out a crisp meow , Step into the lake , Run forward , Leaving behind a circle and a circle of ripples that continue to spread . It approached the little fish very quickly , Just as the little fish tried to shake its tail and run away , It jumped up , When the body falls , One claw steps on the fish , Sharp claws pierce the fish , Then he raised his paw , Put the bloody fish in your mouth . It can't wait to put the fish into its mouth , Chew carefully , Blood spilled from the corners of my mouth , At that moment, it was like Gollum in Tolkien's works .

        After the delicious food , It returned to the shore contentedly , The pink tongue licked the wet and dry fur , Curled up on a big rock on the bank , The tail hugs the head , He soon fell asleep .

        In the woods , The clever little squirrel who has long escaped to sleep , A groundhog with a burrowing expert , There are wild boars crying recklessly , The unlucky crow that only knows the cackling , A bustard who runs like a Scud .

        quiet , It is undoubtedly the theme of the forest .

      Late at night , The bright starry sky above the forest was torn apart by an unknown object , Shaped like a bright silver clam , It was like a sharp sword passing through a harsh white light , It seems that the crescent moon has been cut into two sections . The unidentified object carries fire and roars , An object falls at an extreme speed . With a loud bang , The unidentified object jabbed into the forest , Cut off hundreds of Populus euphratica trees , Make a deep hole in the ground , Cut off the huge underground roots of Populus euphratica , Deep underground .

        A groundhog crouched in a cave was cut off by his waist . A few crows rattled in panic , Fleeing the branches in confusion . A boar head with a black mane rolled into the weeds , Along the way, there are pools of dazzling pig blood . The little squirrel's paw firmly grasped the severed tree trunk , He flew out , Its mouth gave out a squeaking scream .

        meanwhile , The airflow overturned the mud and rocks around the pit , The black cat, who was dreaming, flew up , Like falling leaves , Tumbling down to the farther ground .

      Maybe the black cat should not die , Maybe God bless , The black cat survived , She gradually came to her senses in severe pain , Slowly open the amber eyes . It got up from the grass under its body , Trembling toward the unknown object in the pit . The ground is pockmarked , There are raised rocks everywhere , And stone pits of different depths . It walked cautiously on the edge of the pit , Go to the unknown object . When it comes near an unknown object , The metal hanging ladder fell down , Make a clatter , Seems to know it's coming . It climbed up the ladder to the unknown object , A door opened slowly , Overflow the dazzling light . It arched its back , The beard trembled , Exposed the rising fear inside , Stopped at the door , Dare not go forward . It seems that curiosity triumphed over fear , It climbed into the huge door , Into the light . With a creepy sigh , The gate closes slowly .

        Sure enough , Curiosity Kills cats . Maybe , The black cat will never return , Buried in an unknown object , I can no longer wander around .

        A stone thrown into the air 、 earth 、 Animal carcasses 、 The broken branches of the trees fell down one after another , Layer after layer of mysterious falling objects are covered in disorder , Bury it deep in the ground , No trace is left .

        After a long time , Populus euphratica forest fell into silence again .

        The river in the forest slides into the pit , It gradually overflows the buried unidentified objects . Time kills everything , And cover everything up . That's it , Day after day , Formed a huge deep lake , The lake is blue , It matches the colorful of Populus euphratica forest .

        meanwhile , On the other hand , It also adds to the danger of being invisible and untouchable . Why? ? After that , There are fewer birds, animals, fish and insects in the forest every day , Gradually disappeared . The hunters mentioned this huge forest , All frowned , His face was full of water .

        The old people seem to be more secretive about this , not to breathe a word about a single word .

        In addition, a young intellectual couple disappeared in the depths of this Populus euphratica forest , Never came back to the village , This forest has been a forbidden area ever since , No one has the courage to take one of these steps anymore .

        Obvious , This is a place beyond the control of the Almighty immortal .

                    Longquan swordsman

      Two O June 24, 2002

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