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Sobbing, giving up

2022-06-24 10:00:10Photographic skills

The stream is full of shrimp and fish

The workshop is full of machines

There are only beauties in the canteen

Beauty and ugliness are fat and thin

Hunger and satiety are second

Mainly you

Watching TV

I appreciate Lili

It's food

Taste your charm

I chew rice

What I feel is your breath

It's noise

Experience your fragrance

It's your name

Read your breath

Others eat

Is to strengthen the courage of life

The courage of my life

But I saw you at dinner


How can I forget in this life


Let my heart can not calm down


capable of evoking praises and tears

The identity is as different as heaven and earth

How can toad fairy compare wings

Love is a right

Be a secret love game

Never mind how it ends

Just remember the present moment

How sad

It's a pity that you are in love with him

The sky is full of ambiguous air


It's so natural

I sobbed alone

Had to choose to give up

I wish you success in your work

All the best

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