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Growth Diary 4/100 basic punch card how many items do you insist on daily?

2022-06-24 10:00:21Photographic skills

full name : Tangzhiyan

hometown : hunan

coordinate : Beijing

Every day is worth recording , Every experience is worth sharing .

Today is the first day that I participated in punching out the growth diary 4 God , Give you a list of basic daily :

The growth and transformation challenge camp clocks in :

Daily tasks :( Finish playing *)

①6:00 Get up and practice magic (√ )

② Daily nutritious breakfast , Punch in group ( √)

③ Exercise every day 20 Minutes or more ( √ )

④ Monthly update 20 A short video , Which number has been updated so far this month ?  ( 23)

⑤ Share books in the official wechat Lianmai every day (√  )

⑥ Live broadcast every day is no less than 1 Hours ( √)

⑦ Write a gratitude diary every day (  √)

⑧ Listen to teacher Sihan every day ( √ )

⑨ Mr. Sihan, Mr. Tang, video likes and comments forward ( √ )

Punch in your personal growth :

①5 Get up early at halfpastten and punch in √

② Himalayan audio day √

③ Practice writing and punch in √

④ The Growth Diary day is more clock in √

⑤ Read the people's daily + Health headlines √

Get used to it :

① Daily bookkeeping √

② Write a work summary + replay √

③ to update 3 More than one circle of friends √

④ Read... Every day √

⑤ Make breakfast √

⑥10 Minutes to clean up √

The above is what we do everyday , Every day is full , Especially after exercise in the morning, the body is very comfortable , This is a project that I particularly love .

Recently, I started to participate in the Growth Diary day 100 There will be some pressure on me , From the urgency of time , Output from content , From challenging a new thing .

I have slept very late in recent days , The main reason is that it takes too long to write a growth diary , You can think about it , Write your own Chinese composition , I can probably feel my current state .

Speaking of this part, parents and friends can understand , Why is it that I am relatively slow to reply to your message , The number of punch outs has increased , Time allocation will be skewed .

I am often told to go to bed early , I also know it's not good to stay up late , However, the goal set must be achieved , A new thing needs to go through three stages , The first period of revolt , The second instability period , The third burnout period , Once you cross these three stages , Habits can naturally be well formed .

Just started writing , At the familiarization stage , It takes more time and energy , There will also be delays , Time is not enough , You need to take more time from the past to complete your growth diary , If the efficiency is not improved , Staying up late naturally becomes a common occurrence , So going to bed late is my true portrayal , Only insist on , To cross the 1 Stage resistance period , Gradually step into the 2 Stage stabilization period , Generally in 10 Days or so ,10 I will come back in a few days to share with you my experiences and changes .

This is not to encourage everyone to go to bed late , But I want to tell you through my own experience , How I became self disciplined from being self disciplined , In the past, we only saw the success of others , I don't know what will happen behind my back , I want to tell you that every new thing you stick to , from 0 Start , The process is basically similar , It just follows the different events , Produce the difference of quantitative change , Some results are fast , Some results are slow , Understand the underlying logic , Everyone can become very disciplined .

Growth Diary day is 100 God , Welcome to pay attention , I come to witness 100 Days later .

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