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Notes on watching Part 2 by ChenDanQing

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    Culture spreads from the elite to the masses , This is a drop of water flowing to the sea 、 The process of a drop of rain falling into the earth . among , Spread culture in the form of exhibition , How many people are committed to the cause . that , The most important thing is whether more people see . As for whether the person watching is the right person , It is out of control and unknown .

    French art historian Danielle . Arras :“ Such a display method that is divorced from the original display context , yes ‘ The appearance of culture on the stage ’, It belongs to the cultural worship of modern people , Specifically, art museum worship 、 Exhibition worship .” However , Chen Danqing :“ Will modern people ( Art museums worship ) Know more about art 、 Love art more ?” natural , This must be based on the nurturing of the original culture , And then get the nourishment of foreign culture . Like rain and sunshine , Can awaken the seed , But don't let the stone hair sprout .

    Cultural goods , As the material carrier of culture , It undertakes the function of making culture known and useful . Throughout the cultural heritage , There must be a process of cultural collection .

    A collection of cultural goods , According to certain rules , Or hidden or displayed . hidden , It belongs to a few people , It's Secret ; The exhibition is about most people , Is an open . How to properly store and exhibit , The purpose is still how to know and use , And it is always inevitable that there will be convergence and integration .

    actually , Unknown burial 、 Collection of a few people and institutions 、 There are too many collections in public exhibition venues , Always hide more than show .

    Generally speaking , The collection does not care whether it is in a particular region of the corresponding culture 、 Fixed crowd and continuous time . If the collection of cultural goods is limited to the original cultural area , So why compare culture , And how to spread out the cities that have been stacked for generations , How to preserve the ruins that will be flooded and weathered ?

    also , Have something valuable in the world , It is a fantasy that everyone has . A cultural product that flows because of your will , The joys and sorrows of his journey are hard to describe .

    Most cultural goods , In the original cultural background, it is basically taken for granted and disappeared , The cultural information contained in it is attached to the main functions of specific environmental sites , Once the attached subject is destroyed, it will lose its basic meaning . This may be an opportunity for the art museum to emerge .

    The works of art in the art collection exhibition have such characteristics : First, the most cultural types , Emphasize cultural comparison . The second is the maximum information content , Pay attention to cultural traditions , Including the representation of cultural products 、 The richness of cultural information . The third is the smallest unit of meaning , It's about cultural significance , Including the integrity of cultural goods 、 The minimum level of damage .

    That's exactly what it is. “ Art museums worship ” The source of , Let people sit down for a while “ An altar painting that leaves the altar ”、“ The herbalist who left the temple ”, Be able to appreciate and observe closely .

    a certain extent , Cultural heritage and blood 、 The inheritance of wealth is different . What's more? , The inheritance of culture is full of abandonment and forgetfulness 、 Splitting and stripping 、 Distortion and misunderstanding . meanwhile , Between ups and downs and , The collection of cultural objects is also full of discovery and destruction 、 Resale and plunder 、 Hiding and advertising . These must be taken into account , To correctly understand these three groups of words : Know and use 、 aggregate 、 Tibetan Exhibition .

    ——2018 year 5 month 23 Japan , The state is like the orchid .


    By incomplete or informal standards , Chinese literati paintings and Western Impressionist paintings can be compared , However, there are similarities between Chinese fine brushwork and Western Impressionist paintings .

    Once I think that was the age without cameras , Naturally, I feel that the realism of Western Impressionist paintings before is worth praising ; And considering the advantages of photography , Then you can realize the freehand brushwork of western impressionism . Maybe I have a double standard , But the connection and transition are still smooth .

    at that time , Sharon rejected the Impressionists , Perhaps it is just like the difference between realism and freehand brushwork in Chinese painting techniques , It is simply because of the neglect of photographic technology . However , There is no inheritance before and after Impressionism ? Not always , Just as realism and freehand brushwork are not completely opposite .

    Chen Danqing :“ To recognize the value of art , It takes twoorthree generations to wake up , But this lethargy and wakefulness will not stop .” Because of his short career , We can never see the trend of change , So we can't understand norms and history well . Fate is full of ups and downs 、 Experienced people may be an exception , And wisdom and foresight 、 A man of insight , There are only a few people in each generation . In order to , No law can be known without change . But adapting to change can be costly , Even change can be met but not sought .

    Various painting schools in ancient times , It seems that they are not extinct today , As the saying goes “ Each is beautiful ”. Maybe , We are in the midst of changes in history and norms and do not consciously . but , To be sure , It is obvious that painting is inferior to photography , Photography is also a powerful aspect . Even , Some people just like painting better than photography , You can imagine .

    so to speak , Facing the industrial revolution , Impressionism is positive , Adapt and innovate , They are trying to break new ground in the city . The Barbizon school is negative , Be conservative and avoid , They gazed at the countryside and the scenery with deep feeling , Keep the old mood honestly . As ChenDanQing said :“( Miller and Koro ) They are the last generation to depict the millennial agricultural landscape of Europe .”

    When I was a teenager, I liked the landscape paintings of the Barbizon School . It's rough printing 8K Picture , The title is not marked 、 author . But I was pleasantly surprised , So much so that I love my house and my dog , I also like to read the descriptions of the old villages in Europe . Of course , There are some colors and atmosphere , At that time, I didn't like it or even resisted it .

    Chen Danqing said ,“( Miller and Koro ) It is a mixture of outdated aesthetics and personal experience .” For me , The aesthetic experience is not , It is also a mixture of childhood and juvenile fantasy and dreams . Now , Middle age is approaching , Think back to the past , But also filled with a layer of romance and warmth . Let's not say that the rural memory of my childhood is projected from this , But I can't say more .

——2018 year 5 month 23 Japan , The state is like the orchid .

Chen Danqing 《 Local 2》

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