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Summer night, cool wind

2022-06-24 10:00:42Photography

It rains from time to time these days , Let the summer heat in the air dissipate a lot .

Like this summer night . After dinner , Wandering on the Boulevard in front of my home , Let the gentle and cool night wind touch your cheeks and every inch of your exposed skin . Feel the rare cool summer , The air is full of the fresh smell of trees after the rain .

The colors of some trees are illuminated by neon lights , Changing colors of light . After a while, he put on a scarlet coat , After a while, I put on my dark green summer clothes , Leaves are as lovely as naughty and naughty children .

More people went out of their homes , Into the cool summer night .

Branches and branches of leaves are gently shaking in the breeze , They are making noise with each other 、 Laughing . And enjoy the most pleasant summer time endowed by nature , The temperature is just right , The wind is gentle , The blue sky is high , Lightness .

This is the time , It is also the best time to do small business . Carts of fruits 、 vegetables , Stop at each intersection of each community . The watermelon was cut to reveal its red flesh , Tempting every passer-by . And the smoky peaches 、 Green skinned cantaloupes and so on .

Watermelon and ice cream are the same standard in summer , The summer without ice watermelon , Destined to leave regret . therefore , You can see that the business in front of each watermelon cart is very good , Green and green 、 Round 、 The big watermelons covered with patterns were carried home by people , These watermelons make people feel —— It seems that summer is also very good .

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