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Family members are not easy to accept the truth , This is already common . Family members are too familiar with each other . Know some shortcomings , Because of shortcomings , I can't see the advantages . Everyone thinks he is right , I feel quite right , Everyone else is wrong , I am excellent , Others are not as good as themselves .

Such people can be seen everywhere , It is more common in family .

If I saw the truth , Describe it in front of your family when you get home , Family members generally don't believe , Because family members wear colored glasses , People are not objective and fair enough , No one can see the original color , Look with prejudice , The result is prejudice , To see people, you need to see what they are , Don't be preconceived , Classify again according to impression .

Our eyes are fixed on , It's someone else's fault , Pay special attention to each other's shortcomings , For the good character recognized by the other party , But turn a blind eye , It's like your eyes are blocked by beams , You can also find the thorns in each other's eyes .

A lot of times , We all ignore our own shortcomings , Pay special attention to the advantages , Also very sensitive to hear the other side's evaluation of themselves , Don't want to hear negative information , Live in self anesthesia . This is not good , But it cannot be changed .

Trying to change , Can't do , Want to do good , Determined to go , But my sister failed . If you want to pick it up again , There are certain difficulties .

family , Especially the spouse , It's easy to pick something that makes people feel heartache or regret , To show or illustrate , To attack as a weapon , It's like winning a war with a weapon , In fact, language is a double-edged sword , When you use it , Can hurt each other , You can also hurt yourself , The so-called killing the enemy for a thousand , The self - defeating 800 is not without source , It makes sense .

In the current environment , Be a person who knows the truth among your relatives , Is very painful , I always feel that no one knows me , At least nobody at home can understand , Feel very depressed , however , It doesn't have to be , Truth is like precious metal , It is always rare , Few people can be found , Even if you share precious metals or precious stones , It may fail , Because many people don't know the truth , Will regard the gem as an ordinary stone , Precious metals are treated as ordinary metals .

We don't have to care what others say , Even if it is a negative statement , It's all normal , Everyone will encounter . Of course , Some don't hear it face to face , I must have heard about it . The more relatives , The more you do this , Because the purpose and motivation are good , I always want to benefit my relatives , Don't suffer , Bad speech , The purpose is to make those who master the truth give up immediately , Like ordinary people , Don't want to get in trouble .

It takes courage to criticize others , The courage of family members to criticize each other is based on family affection , I think that only relatives will give their own opinions out of concern , Of course , Such opinions are sometimes inaccurate , But it expresses a psychological need , in other words , Care for family members , Reflected in the criticism of relatives .

Based on trust in family , Out of love , Because of concern , It is only when relatives say some negative words that they can speak out , Including the rejection of truth , It's like finding a baby , But don't cherish , Just like losing it , Because the lost foundation is not knowing that baby is really valuable , I always think it's everywhere , It's a burden . Not really !

accept criticism , It doesn't have to change , Critical comments , May be denied by many people , Not because the content is bad , Because the form is wrong . Persuading people needs art , It's not done overnight . Need long-term exploration . Family is always together , There will be a clash of languages . Who knows the truth , For those who do not know the truth , Need patience , It needs to be explained slowly .

It is necessary for relatives to trust each other . Based on trust , You might as well open your heart to learn more , It helps me a little .

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