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Shenzhen Shenzhen weekend photo Alice dream garden B & B

2022-07-29 08:59:55Ctrip Travel Notes

I have come to explore the store in pairs , Today we come to a dream home stay garden with fried chicken , Open the door to an open-air garden , What came into view was a large area of green plants , Green , Full of vigor and vitality , The mood is also beautiful ~

Today, my best friend and I are both Flower Fairies , The atmosphere here is full , Let me feel the taste of Alice's dream world , Blue sky and white clouds , freakingly beautiful ~

I was shocked when I got my room card and entered , There are large and transparent French windows with fried chicken on both sides , You can see the street scenery outside , The high roof makes the room look more spacious , It also comes with sofa and tea table , It's really comfortable to live ~

Here you can enjoy garden afternoon tea , Drinks and snacks are of high standard , You can have afternoon tea and chat with your little sisters , Take a picture , Don't mention how comfortable it is ~

Lunch and dinner , Go to the restaurant after opening , I really love the seafood here , There are bars in the evening ~ There is also a fine breakfast in the morning , It's perfect ~

Take advantage of your first-class photo taking sister on weekends , Let's go together , Come here for leisure and vacation , Take photos and punch in beautiful scenery and delicious food ~

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