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2022-07-29 09:44:40Photography

lately , Dad wants me to raise pigs , Because the education is not high , So I can't find a job in the city , In fact, I don't want to eat this bitter . Because I can't find a good job , I don't want to do it myself . Or they dislike its low salary , Or it's too much , Or it's not easy to do . For a variety of reasons , So I didn't look for a job . So dad wants to go home and raise pigs , Find me something to do .

I saw a message in my circle of friends , It's a Personnel Supervisor complaining , intend , The interview forms are incomplete , Don't come for an interview . In fact, its job is the front desk , Are people disgusted to this extent now ? Even a receptionist must have work experience . I see this circle of friends , Just feel sick . Nowadays, people don't even have a job experience and can't even find a job ? This is too unfriendly for fresh graduates . In fact, a front desk , How much experience is needed ? I can only say that some companies are disgusting .

The current pig industry does not make money , Raise hundreds , Thousands , High profit , To make money . Because when the price of pigs is bad , A pig's profit is worth 500 element . A head of 500 yuan , Ten heads 5000 element . Keep ten pigs for a few months , To earn 5000 element . Many people make money in a month 5000 element . The difference between people .

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