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Biography of veteran Feng Zicai

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        “ Zhennanguan - Thanks for your great victory ” That year , Feng Zicai has retired for three years , He was 68 years old that year , That year is worth remembering forever —— 1885 .

        Feng Zicai returned to Qinzhou after his retirement , facing the sea with spring flowers blossoming , Have been living a leisurely life , Although it can't be said that happiness is like a fairy , But it's really carefree . In such a comfortable life , The French burned the war from Vietnam to the Chinese border , He learned the news , I can't sit still anymore , I was so angry that I bit my teeth , rise to one 's full height and smite the table .

        July 13, 1884 , Feng Zicai, who was weak, ill, old and weak, declared war on France in China seven days later , Reply to Zhang Zhidong , offer oneself , Offer to fight . It can be said that “ Lian Po too old , Whether can food ” The spirit is also .

      Zhang zhidongming, governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, coordinated the front-line troops , discover the minutest detail in everything , See the hero , Strongly recommend veteran Feng Zicai to send troops to fight against French soldiers . Li Hongzhang laughed at Feng Zi's talent, old age and poor health , Its new recruits are young “ Four cannot fight ”. He is not afraid of power , A tooth for a tooth , The proponent is old and tough 、 Calves drive tigers “ Four abilities war ”.

      Final , Zhang Zhidong defies all opinions , In May, 1884 , Boldly employ patriotic veteran Feng Zicai with military wizards .

    December 17, 1884 , Feng Zicai, a 70 year old veteran with an annuity, regarded death as his home , With two sons , Carry a heavy coffin , Led ten battalions of Qinzhou children's soldiers to go to war .

        Who knows , Feng Zicai has just arrived in Longzhou with his team , Pan Dingxin, the governor of Guangxi, did not fire a shot , He is as busy as a lost dog , Throw away your armor, abandon the pass and flee . French soldiers easily opened the door to southern China , Occupied zhennanguan fortress .

        Facing the rampant French , The villagers were angry , The united patriotic soldiers constantly attacked the invaders at night , Two days later, the French soldiers couldn't stay any longer , Abandoned zhennanguan , Slip back to Yu Wenyuan .

        Feng Zicai led his troops to advance , Stationed at zhennanguan , Then build a long wall , Quietly cloth the pocket array .

      A few days later , Feng Zicai's extraordinary soldiers , Night attacks Wen Yuan , Caught the French soldier in his sleep by surprise , be utterly routed .

        Then , French soldiers are advanced with weapons , Bombard zhennanguan , Still arrogant . Feng Zicai commands calmly , Kill all the French soldiers . Since then , The French soldiers were badly weakened , He was defeated soon .

        Zhang Zhidong cheered happily :“ Since China negotiated with the West for hundreds of years , There has never been such a large remnant .”

        Later generations Tian Han wrote poems , Praise Feng Zicai's achievements :

                              Hang Feng Zicai

            The east of the ancient city beside niqiaoling , And the parking car crane picks up Weng .

            The song roars like a war horse , The fragrance of flowers and Heroes .

            It's a pity to help the demon Jiang Zuo , Great achievements have been made in resisting the South Pass of France .

            There have been many painful things in the past hundred years , People should not lose Liu Feng .

        However , Feng Zicai's achievements do not stop here , He earned back a piece of horse 、 Zhi retreats from the British ship 、 Go north to resist Japan , All are brave and resourceful , capable of evoking praises and tears .

        19 O Three years , Feng Zicai is 85 years old , Heatstroke during the summer army , Old wounds recur , Xingyuan passed away in Nanning, Guangxi , Achieved the highest honor of soldiers —— Castle Peak is full of bones , Why do you need to return the clothes .

      Feng Zicai set family rules before he died :“ All my descendants , You can only receive rice coins according to the regulations , Field 、 Real estate 、 pawn shop , Inappropriate , Not for sale , No points .” It can be seen that his character is also an example for future generations to learn .

                Longquan swordsman

      Two O July 13, 2002


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