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When there are differences between husband and wife because of their children's education, how should they communicate and deal with them?

2022-07-28 19:05:07Life journey

Whether or not there is a new policy of small promotion , Mothers around , What should be anxious is anxiety .

Tossing around the school district room , I chose primary school through other ways , Or have an idea but because of all kinds , There is no action , All in all , Mothers with primary school students at home , Some people turn pale overnight , Some people regret that they have blue intestines overnight , Of course , There is also a night to laugh at those “ No trouble ” The parents of !

Children's education , It has been a topic of special concern to parents since ancient times .

Ever since I had children , A mother's woman , It seems that he is always more mature than the man who is a father , Consider enrolling your child 、 Education and other issues are urgent , A mother always wants her children to go to a famous school together .

Then go all the way to famous schools , Become the one who excels in all aspects “ Somebody else's child .” But novice dads , But it always seems that it doesn't matter , I think it's unnecessary to be so nervous in primary school , It takes time , It's better to take the children to the park .

Since then , There may be problems between husband and wife for the admission or further education of their children , Produce a contradiction . Such contradiction , Once the seeds are planted , Will grow rapidly like the wind , The wife will blame the husband for not considering the future of the child , The husband will blame his wife for worrying too much .

It's even scarier , If you can't communicate timely and effectively , Both husband and wife will become more and more stubborn , The more his wife wants to buy a school district room , The husband will more insist that primary school is the same everywhere !

If the wife examines various factors , If the family's economic conditions permit , I still think that buying school district houses allows children to go to famous schools , If the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages , that , A wife , Don't worry , You can't force your husband to unify his thoughts with yourself every day .

People are rebellious , In the concept of husband , I thought it was the same everywhere I went to primary school , If the wife nags every day , Or force her husband to sell and buy a house , The husband will only be more disgusted with this matter .

This time , A wise wife , You need to wait first , Even if it is imminent for children to enter school , Also need to wait , Of course , In the process of waiting , The wife needs to find someone whose husband is very convinced , Make your thoughts clear to this person , And ask this person to chat with her husband .

Sometimes things that my wife repeats , The husband disapproves or feels disgusted , If it comes out of the mouth of a third party , In particular, the third party is the person that the husband usually admires or believes , The husband will probably think about it carefully .

Sometimes it's not the husband who doesn't understand the good of famous schools , It's not that you don't care about the future of your children , But out of male laziness , Or out of reality “ Can't see ”, Plus his wife's coercion and inducement , So I won't seriously think about the event itself .

When the third party acts as a bystander or a passer-by , After a heart to heart talk with him , Maybe , The husband will take the initiative to find his wife , Said he was willing to toss around the school district room for his children .

Except to find “ third party ”, A wife , You can also find relatives, friends or colleagues that husband and wife know together , Consult about the current situation of their children , Find an example of regret for not going to a famous school , Create opportunities for the husband to find problems by himself . This method , Still need to be a wife , Wait patiently .

After our husband and wife got married and had children , At the beginning , Both of them think it's OK to go to the nearest primary school , I have never had differences over the problem of children going to school .

One month after the child enters school , I used to be a teacher in a small place , Through a month's understanding and exploration of the city's education , Find the area we were in , It is the most backward district in the city , The primary school children attend is also a poor school in this district .

At that time, I was deeply anxious , Almost every day in her husband's ear , We must find a way to transfer our son to a famous school . And I like Ming School , It is the top three primary schools in this city .

My husband talked to me day and night , There was an outbreak , say : As soon as I hear you say transfer to school and buy a house , I just want to jump from upstairs …… Speak true , That moment , I was stunned ! I can't understand why my husband is like this !

Later, I slowly figured it out , Just force him like this , Just say it in his ear , It's completely useless .

So from that day on , I choose to shut up !

But my thoughts and actions , But never stop , I know the children of my husband's immediate boss , In the same school as our children , Their children's grades , Each exam is in the top ten of the school , and , I know their children , We will soon face a small rise .

When you are free , I'll go to my husband's office , In front of her husband , Take the initiative to ask the children he leads .

as everyone knows , One of the ways to get the favor of married people , It must be talking more about their children with each other , There is no parent , Will refuse to talk about their children . Not to mention their children , He is the best in our small circle .

In the course of contacts , The leader also began to take the initiative to talk to my husband about the children's education . And I'm , In the usual chat with her husband , Will consciously or unconsciously ask her husband , How is the child he leads now .

My husband didn't particularly care about other people's children at first , But because it's the child he leads , No matter what his psychology is , Will touch .

Half a year later , My husband talked with me most when he came back from work , It's the child of the leader , Talk about how they cultivate excellent , Talk about how they get along , Talk about which junior high school they want to go to ……

In all this information , I heard that the leader regretted not sending his children to a famous school , Although the children are now top-notch in this school , But in the whole city , It's all a drop of water in the sea .

The husband is chatting with his leader , After seeing that he leads his children's ranking in school and the city , When I saw that he led the couple to fail to attend the ideal junior high school for their children , The husband began to think seriously : We sold our existing house , Then buy a school district room , What is the significance of transferring children to another school .

And then one day , The husband ran home at noon , Tell me , Let me contact the intermediary , Sell the house in hand as soon as possible , Buy school district housing as soon as possible , He will try to transfer his children !

That moment , I cried with joy !

On that day , Since I first proposed to sell a house, buy a house and transfer to school , It has been two years !

These two years of waiting , I waited in anxiety , Fortunately , The husband slowly figured it out , Fortunately , It's not too late !

When there are differences between husband and wife because of their children's education , In addition to daily communication skills , Still have to wait !

A good marriage , Happy couple , I really need you to wait for me , I'll wait for you ! Only wait , So as not to lose sight of each other , So as not to lose your way !

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