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A simple book in the eyes of science students (3) -- how hot can the articles of big guys be

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New people , Simple book drill small holding users , High weight users , How much is the difference in the popularity of posting likes between high holding users ?

First review the heat calculation formula ,

Little praise = total assets /50;

Great praise =( total assets /50)/*2;

Super hot =( total assets /50)/*5;

Suppose the number of new people holding drill is 10 star , And there are 2000 Income plus card ;

The number of drills held by small holders is 1000 star , Yes 4000 Income plus card , Plus Bronze members 5000 Bonus card ;

The number of drills held by the high holding boss is 10 Thousands of stars , Plus Gold members 65000 Point plus card , Other bonus cards 10000;

( The quantity design is convenient for calculation , For reference only )

Now three users of different wealth levels publish an article at the same time , And gave their own articles a great support

The popularity of newcomers' articles =2010/50/*5=201

Small holder article popularity =10000/50/*5=1000

High holding boss article popularity =175000/50/*5=17500

If each user can only launch one article among three people at this time

Then the probability of new articles is 201/18701, About equal to 0.0107, A little more than 1%

The probability of small holder articles is 1000/18701, About equal to 0.0534, A little more than five percent

And the probability of big guy's article is the remaining 94%

In reality, of course , It will be more complicated

There are more newcomers and small holders than big ones , Relatively, it will increase the probability of articles , But they also compete with each other , The more people , The probability of their own articles will be lower

But the article of the boss can always get more praise , And the support of some other bigwigs and high weight users , The gap between popularity and ordinary users will become larger and larger

But in complex practical situations , It's hard to say exactly how , This article is for reference only , But comprehensive , It's much easier to browse the articles of big guys than ordinary players , Ordinary users will also get more and more popularity through continuous efforts , I'm just an ordinary user , I hope you can support each other , Maximize your energy , Those who praise me are the most handsome and beautiful , If you like, you will return , to support each other .

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